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Trump Profits off of Terrorism

Updated on May 19, 2016

Every President since 1976 has released their tax returns. That includes Mitt Romney, who wanted to hide all the money that he had made breaking up companies and how little he paid in taxes. But all of a sudden, Donald Trump comes around and wants to shake up Presidential tradition. One does have to ask though, is he shaking it up or is he trying to hide something?

A new NY Daily News expose gives some insight into why Trump may be trying to hide his tax returns. According to the report, in the months and years after 9/11, Trump profited off of the attacks, sucking $150,000 out of a government fund that was meant for small businesses trying to recover after the attacks. What kind of scumbag uses the worst terrorist attack in US history to make a profit? Trump sells himself as winning at all costs, but was the win worth it? In the aftermath of the attacks many businesses and residents selflessly gave of themselves without asking for anything in return. One would expect that the owner of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in NYC real estate would have been able to bite the bullet on $150,000 that was allotted for small businesses not multi-national companies.

The reality is we shouldn’t expect anything less from him. This is a man who has abused the bankruptcy system many times. For a winner his companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times. He is also someone who has consistently looked for ways that he could use public money to profit. In one real estate deal in NYC, he demanded a tax abatement that was unheard of in the city to build a hotel on top of the famed Grand Central Terminal. That abatement has resulted in $400 million dollars in profits over the lifetime of the deal. That is $400 million in tax dollars that should have gone to the city of NY.

Maybe the reason that Trump doesn’t want to release the tax returns is that he knows once people see them they will know what a fraud he is. It has already been leaked that Trump has been profiting off of two companies that he has attacked on the campaign trail for outsourcing jobs, Mondelez which just sent hundreds of Oreo Cookie jobs to Mexico, and United Technologies which owns Carrier air conditioning. Will a release of his taxes prove that Trump is more in bed with foreign companies or companies that make their money by taking American’s jobs and giving them to children in the third world? Time will tell, but it seems clear that there is some reason why he doesn’t want them to get out.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 21 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I've been aware of Trump's issues for years (you can't escape it when living in NYC). But regardless of his dirty dealings and questionable tax returns, I don't think it will have any effect on his poll numbers. If you have ever met or spoken with any of his most devoted followers, there is pretty much nothing he can to dissuade them. Add in those voters who have been hit by hard economic times in West Virginia, Ohio, or anywhere else in the rust belt, and you have the foundation of his base. I bet if you spoke with one of those Carrier employees in Indiana and told him that Trump had a stake in UT, they could care less. They would just say "at least his willing to try something." People are desperate right now. Not sure that the Clintons understand that, which given their incredible political instincts, is surprising. They need to wake up.

      The economic situation is not good for those in traditional occupations. When times are bad, voters excuse a lot. We see this in the latest polls, that are astounding to me. Even among blue collar women, he is beginning to get a foothold. This would be one of the biggest upsets in Presidential history. The Clinton campaign better find Trump's kryptonite, and it's not his taxes.

      This is no way an endorsement of Trump. Once again, I'm facing reality. If you tell his voters that he profited off 9/11 government grants, they'll respond with, "So did everybody." Same with the tax issue. Tax returns tend not to sway national campaigns. I think voters silently cheer when someone can beat the IRS (or the Feds for that matter).