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Trump Said Europe Is Losing Its Culture

Updated on July 31, 2018
May in Brussels.
May in Brussels. | Source
US President Donald J Trump
US President Donald J Trump | Source

The not so special relationship.

When Donald Trump came here recently it seems the special relationship isn't quite so special any more. The body language between Theresa May and Donald Trump at Chequers wasn't exactly Reagan and Thatcher. May was clearly seen rolling her eyes at Trump and he the same at her.

Trump had stated earlier on that the UK and Europe were losing their cultural identity thanks to immigrants and migrants.

Trump stated that Europe accepting thousands of migrants and immigrants has watered down the continent culturally and perhaps even racially (though he did not use the word 'racially'). May's spokesman hit back saying immigration had enriched Europe and had brought benefits to the continent. May adding to that said when the UK leaves the EU next year free movement of people from the EU to the UK will end.

Donald Trump while here in the UK did an interview in 'The Sun' newspaper attacking May's Brexit plan and her style of leadership. It appears though he did apologise to the Prime Minister about this.

Trump being of European ancestry his mum being Scottish and his dad a German-American was perhaps expressing his concern for the continent of his ancestors.

Huge demonstrations were organised in London and elsewhere in the UK against Trump's visit. One in London even had a giant Trump blimp depicting Trump as a baby complete with nappie. However, what was not so reported on was pro-Trump rallies which shows a political bias perhaps by the BBC and other networks.

Whatever one thinks about Trump as a politician unlike many leaders today he says what he does and does what he says.

The 'Strictly' ex-politician in 'Trumpland'.

Ed Balls with his 'Strictly Come Dancing' partner.
Ed Balls with his 'Strictly Come Dancing' partner. | Source

I watched with interest a documentary 'Ed Balls in Trumpland' which was screened on BBC 2 last night. The series broadcast at 9.00pm is about former Labour MP Ed Balls travelling through the deep south of the US.

Of course, you had the stereotypical white working class voter who voted for Trump en masse. Calling themselves 'rednecks', attending monster truck rallies and drinking beer until the cows come home. Many thought and still think that Mr Trump is the man of the moment. The man able to steer the good ship USA through the unknown waters of the early 21st Century. One person at the monster truck rally explained he had voted for Obama thinking he was the man to bring change. However, this voter said Obama had not delivered thus he voted Republican and Trump in the last American presidential election. There were others there even with the 'Confederate flag' flying like blacks and native people who were dyed in the wool apple pie Americans and voted Trump. This seemed to surprise Ed Balls who seemed to have the view as some do that only European-Americans had voted Trump.

Mr Balls later went to visit some veterans who also voted for Trump as they stood around a campfire toasting their fallen comrades. Ed Balls opted to toast fellow Labour MP Jo Cox stabbed by a deranged right-winger. Ed Balls noted how Trump had used wrestling language in his election campaign against his opponents. Now he is President he has not stopped this attacking, no holds barred language when addressing his enemies on Twitter.

Balls visited a wrestling gym complete with a ring where he somehow managed to get himself involved in the wrestling. Many of the wrestlers had also voted Trump and so Balls was shown how to be a wrestler. Like landing correctly and dummy punches that do not connect and how to react to them and other moves. So Balls came into the ring dressed in a leotard complete with the British flag on the front. Of course, being the foreigner Balls played the bad guy. Addressing the audience in a snotty British accent and bantering with them about mistakenly voting Trump. The audience responded in kind booing and doing the thumbs down sign.

Of course, Ed Balls had to lose being the bad Brit and the American wrestlers saved the day! It's fair to say on a serious but laughable point that when talking to his wife Yvette Cooper (still a serving Labour MP) he was distraught he did get much support from her before he went into the ring.

The series continues next week as Ed Balls goes in search of more Trump voters. Ed Balls is known for being flamboyant whether playing soccer as an MP or dancing to 'Gangnam Style' on BBC1's 'Strictly Come Dancing' with his professional dance partner Katya Jones.

It is possible the ex-Labour MP will be like ex-Conservative MP Micheal Portillo making documentaries and having a television career in front of the camera.


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