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Trump Vs......

Updated on June 8, 2016

A Case To Be Considered By All.

Having two points of view of a story, and that means any story, is better than accepting just one side of it as being final, as such attitude is rather dangerous.

The feud between Donald Trump, the GOP presumptive presidential candidate and California Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, cannot be the "final straw" to destroy the hopes a fears of millions of Americans or a political party's agenda for a nation's future.

A statement by an influential Conservative Republican dealing with Donald Trump's remarks about a case the judge is handling, that his (judge's) Hispanic heritage will influence the outcome of that case is something that will cross the minds of many people as not being proper, since Trump has somehow infuriated many Hispanic Americans by saying that he will build a WALL on the U.S. -Mexican border to prevent illegal aliens, drugs, terrorists, etc., from entering the U.S.

How can anyone be sure that the judge's decision will not be tinted by his background?

Many people are assuming that will be possible, and they will sound their opinions, publicly, on the matter.

That is exactly what Trump is doing in his statements to thwart off the notion that the judge will be fair in his judgment about the case; and therefore he, Trump, has every right to do so, as a negative decision will affect his on going political campaign.

The main reason for the lawsuit is to deride Trump's effort to represent his party against the Democratic Party candidate challenging him in the Fall (2016) general election.

In view of that, he must be certain that the case will be judged fairly by anyone having the responsibility to do so.

Doubting the independence of a judge and/or mistrusting the idea that he or she is fair minded or not has got nothing to do with the 2016 presidential race.

The only thing it can do will be to deprive Trump of his personal ambition to be president, if the case has to go through the wrong hands. That will be what his (Trump's) assailants want; but that will not be what millions of Americans want.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 19 months ago

      Thank you, Sir. Ericdierker. Your thoughts are well appreciated. America needs, not just any kind of leadership, but a strong one. Such will be good for the world as well.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 19 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      We only wish that he would have said it in a more presidential manner. The judges political affiliations and groups he associates with make clear he is biased against Trump.