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Trump Will Win the Nomination

Updated on October 17, 2015

Dunald Trump

He's a racist. He's a misogynist. He hates Mexicans. Bla bla bla bla bla. He's this, he' that. These are a few of the jabs being taken at the current frontrunner presidential candidate. He's blowing away all the republican presidential hopefuls, and the democrats are desperately trying to come up with a game plan to combat the Donald. If Trump is such a POS, then why is he leading in just about every poll that is worth a Krap? Political analysts' are dumbfounded because all of their traditional election time formulas are not working for The Donald. People are saying WTF, but the numbers don't lie, and neither does Donald. His unapologetic honesty may be brash, but it’s fresh and it is something that is all but gone in American politics. Donald Trump continues to be on top and this country just may be ready for a billionaire reality TV star as president.


Even among blacks, a traditionally democratic demographic, in a recent USA Today poll, gave Trump a 25% bump in his political crusade.

Voters are split between being pissed or apathetic, or some combination of the two, and Trump is capitalizing on that fact. Voters are Full of Krap because they want certain things from their elected officials, but they won't hold them accountable. They will complain, and bitch, and moan, but then they fold like a cheap suit of on election day when they are once again asked to vote for the same people who are causing all the same problems. AND THEN THEY DO IT. Driven by apathy, they reelect the same bums. People in this country want REAL CHANGE, but once again, their choices could possibly be limited to another lesser of two evils. It's very frustrating for voters and they began to register their frustration in 2014. In the 2014 midterm election, Democrats were responsible for the republican takeover of the senate and house of representatives. Yeah, that's right. Democrats were so pissed off at their elected officials that many of them voted for republicans as a form of protest.

I'm a registered democrat and in 2014 I was so pissed, I voted republican right down the line. I didn't look at their names. If they were a republican, I voted for them.

Don't expect the aftershocks from the 2014 midterm election to stop anytime soon. The DNC still trying to figure what happened as their collective asses were handed to them in an election that was driven by voter revolt. The blow didn't just come from votes and lost seats in the senate and house. The impact was felt even among those who weren't even running for reelection. The entire country shifted right, plain and simple. Prior to the 2014 midterm election, congress had a 14% approval rating amongst voters and as of this writing, it hasn’t improved. Just in case you’re bad at math, that means 86 people out of 100 think that the United States Congress was doing a Krappy job.Try sinking to that job performance at YOUR job and let me know how things works out for you. Only 14 voters out of 100 thought congress was doing a good job. Try getting A 14% on your college exams and let me know if you graduate. Exactly!

© 2015 John Ceccon


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