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Trump and His Battle for the Soul of America

Updated on December 15, 2016

Trump and his battle for America

No matter what happens with the campaign of Donald Trump, he has already successfully and importantly did one thing: he tapped into a growing concern among millions of Americans in regard to the direction the country is taking.

The largely corrupt mainstream media attempts to brand him as some type of lone gunner out there throwing his weight around about things no one cares about.

This is of course ludicrous when you think of how popular he has become and the loyal base he has already grown.

What Trump has done is give voice to a large contingent of people which had been ignored by the media and treated as if they didn't exist; even though they may be enough in number to carry him to the Presidency.

Whether it does or doesn't, America and its media have been taken to the woodshed by Trump, and what he is articulating in his somewhat bombastic ways, is hitting a deep cord with Americans, and will be part of the national conversation for many years.

Targeting his personality

Since the media know Trump represents millions of Americans, they have to be cautious in how they treat Trump, in that they can only go so far before they could get a serious backlash from the people in this country.

For example, many people, even those who don't agree with Trump on a lot of issues, are concerned about the indiscriminate acceptance of so-called immigrants from the Middle East, where there has already been proven to be terrorists among them; terrorists who have already killed Americans.

This is why they attempt to target Trump's personality rather than the issues he has engaged with. When the media attempted to paint Trump as a racist, it backfired, as many reported on the fact Jimmy Carter did the same with Iranians when he was the President, and Democrats themselves were the architects of the legislation many years ago, which Harry Truman, also a Democrat, signed into law.

Since Trump is resonating so well with millions of Americans, it has made the press desperate to destroy him by going into personal attack mode, twisting many of his statements in order to have an impact on the undecided voters.


By making what appears to be outrageous statements - which are considered outrageous because it brings light to the progressive, liberal agenda - Trump has been able to draw almost all of the attention to his campaign, which is giving him even more reach, ending up with a larger audience hearing his message.

Most of this is for the purpose of positioning himself as a candidate that isn't beholden to special interests and wealth corporate and individual donors, and he has succeeded in doing so because it's largely true.

For that reason many people trust him and believe he's the answer to many of America's problems which open borders and the resultant illegal immigration has produced.

Trump supporters believe this is the only issue that needs to be dealt with at this time, and that is what he'll continue to hit on. If there are more terror attacks or vicious crimes from some coming from South of the border, Trump will grow in popularity. There is a lot of things that could happen before the election that could give him a landslide victory.

That of course doesn't mean something major will happen, but whether it does or not, this is going to be a very interesting election.

Willingness to go on the offensive against anyone

What endears Trump to so many people is his willingness to take on anybody. He has no artificial respect, and is willing to tell it like it is as he sees it. Even those that don't agree with everything respect him for it, and are encouraged by having a man of strength that could effectively deal with the dangerous world we live in.

He will do it against fellow Republicans, or against his Democrat opponents. It doesn't matter to him. He's breaking the rules and a growing number of people love him for it.

Not only is he revealing the weakness of the Democratic Party,

but he is doing the same with the Republicans, which is finally going through a period of pressure to bring to fruition exactly what it is they stand for. It's past time for that to happen, in my estimation.

Battles with the press

Another thing making Trump popular is his willingness to take on the media without pulling any punches.

There has been a growing disatisfaction with mainstream media because of its obvious bias toward conservatives, and to a lesser extent, Republicans. Since conservatives in particular generally represent Trump's base, they are lining up with who they consider a champion for their cause and them.

Going fearlessly after the press, which has been so antagonistic to conservatives, has essentially cemented their loyalty to him. Only a coup led by the corrupt Republican establishment could stop his momentum.

Even Evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, announced he is leaving the Republican Party out of disgust with its leadership, triggered by the spending bill recently passed, which was led by the GOP, and included the ongoing funding of abortion mill Planned Parenthood.


What is good about the emergence of Donald Trump in my view, is he's forcing the lines to be drawn on a number of issues, and it is helping to define and bring to light exactly where people and institutions stand.

This is why many people are infuriated with him. He isn't allowing them to blur the lines with generalities. Rather, he is getting very specific on issues, forcing a response out of those believing they had the support of the constituents, when if fact they're finding out they are closer in outlook on many issues with Trump than his detractors.

The bottom line is Trump is doing battle on behalf of himself and the people in America, and he has become a proxy for many, saying he basically wants to get the fight back into Americans, who in his opinion, no longer stick up for themselves.

If a significant number of Americans can get that fight back, it could change the tide of this once great nation. Donald Trump will have had a lot to do with that.

Even if he doesn't win in the next election, he has shown many people the way to victory.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      Trump is a good catalyst that can shake up the gridlock, and the lull caused by the Political Correctness which blankets intelligence because it doesn't allow issues to come to light.

      On both sides of Trump are the politicians and the thinkers that have allowed and even helped the US to fall into a decline since the 1970s.

      The PC correct politicians lie to the voters every election, and failed to be successful for the people and the country during their term in office, and then lie again when it comes time for reelection. The results of this circular process is evident in the decline of the country, and this can be verified by history.