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Trump and Kim: What Are We to Make of It All?

Updated on June 13, 2018

Two unpredictable men meet!

Kim and Trump before the cameras!
Kim and Trump before the cameras! | Source

A meeting many thought would never happen!

Finally, it came to pass the meeting of two men whose unpredictability has become a legend in 2018. A while ago it looked like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un was taking their nations to war. Both insulted each other on Twitter and both seemed to be preparing for military action. Trump nicknamed Kim 'Little Rocketman' because of his seemingly endless missile tests and Kim shot back calling Trump a dotard.

But a meeting was muted in Singapore where it seemed both men had melted to one another. Sure enough at a lavish hotel in the country, the cameras beheld the sight of both men striding nervously towards one another. Both had been left in a room with their interpreters to see what agreement could be hammered out between the two leaders.

Later Trump and Kim were shown walking in a garden and other buddy poses seemingly happy in each others company. Both men sat down and signed a declaration to limit or totally disband all nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump later said sanctions would still be in place depending on what North Korea did next vis a vis the signed joint declaration. However, the state-controlled news network in North Korea reported that crippling sanctions imposed on the country for its nuclear tests and missile launches were going to be lifted. So this is where it all gets confusing Trump is saying one thing and North Koreas state media the opposite!

Has Donald Trump been taken in by Kim Jong-un? Who wanted all along for the sanctions on his nation to be lifted? Is the blowing up of his main missile and nuclear test site a rouse to get sanctions lifted? If so, Kim has played a blinder on this one. No mention was made in the agreement as far as is known that weapon inspectors will be allowed into North Korea to make sure the regime will destroy its weapons of mass destruction. North Korea is now a nuclear-armed state and doesn't really have to do any more tests. It is reckoned that the country could easily hide 69 missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

South Korea is rather alarmed at the fact that the US will end joint exercises with the South Koreans as Trump said this will save the US money. Trump stated that the war games as they are called are provocative to North Korea and this will be another reason why they will end. Trump even went on to say he intends to pull US troops from South Korea eventually.

The meeting between the President and the 'Dear Leader' as Kim is known was being compared to Reagan and Gorbachev. With Trump being Reagan and Kim playing Gorbachev. When Reagan and Gorbachev met in Reykjavik in Iceland back in the 80's both men got on well and we all know the good historical dividends this brought. Will the same situation happen now that Kim and Trump have met and have signed a joint declaration confusing though it is be the same?

The only answer that is certain is time will tell.

Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump's style of making a deal.

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden.
Ex-Vice President Joe Biden. | Source

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden has attacked the style of President Trump when it comes to making deals. This criticism was levelled at Trump shortly after the deal had been signed between Trump and Kim.

Biden said Mr Trump should have done his research on Kim and prepared accordingly prior to the historic summit. Before Trump flew out to Singapore on Airforce 1 the same argument was levelled at Mr Trump who responded that he did not have to prepare and that he had a feel for these things.

Perhaps Joe Biden is right to criticise Mr Trump had Mr Trump been a traditional and conventional politician but Trump is neither traditional or conventional in a political sense. He has admirers and haters in equal measure and other world leaders are outraged and shocked at Trump's modus operandi. If you want evidence of this look at the recent G7 Meeting when other leaders confronted Trump over his actions both at home and abroad.

The world that Trump comes from business obviously has similarities to the world of politics but there are also differences. If Trump never prepared himself for any business meetings when he was a businessman why would he change now just because he is a politician?

If Trump's 'feel approach' works in politics as it did in business although it has to be said Trump had his successes and failures when he was a businessman-again time will tell.

Johnny Rotten compared Trump to Punk!

Johnny 'Lydon' Rotten
Johnny 'Lydon' Rotten | Source

One endorser of Trump's 'Don't care' approach to politics was one Johnny now Lydon Rotten ex of the infamous Punk band 'The Sex Pistols'. Rotten said Trump was a Punk politician in the fact of his unconventional approach to politics. The fact he goes against what is loosely called the norm and carries on in his own sweet way. Not caring what his political counterparts think whether that be building the wall across the Mexcian-American border to keep illegal immigrants out, making Jerusalem the officially recognised capital of Israel as far as the US is concerned, pulling out of the Paris climate deal and the Iran deal.

Love Trump or loathe him what Trump told his potential voters he has carried out in office. That's more than what could be said of May, Merkel, Macron and others.

Trump like the Sex Pistols has inspired hatred and love in equal measures.

When the Sex Pistols burst on the scene they shocked the Hippie foundation to its core just as Trump has done with the politically correct Hipster fraternity that exists in 2018.

It's the 'Filth and Fury'!


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