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Trump and Obama: Best of friends - not!

Updated on March 6, 2017
Former President Barack Obama
Former President Barack Obama | Source
Trump and his team
Trump and his team | Source

Trump from the time he was campaigning to his victory in the American Presidential election was always attacking or bemoaning something. Now it seems ever since his coming to power on 20 January 2017 this has not stopped. He has been at odds with the press from day 1 when he took over in the Oval Office and it seems everyone else or thing in between.

I think it is fair to say the press especially the more left leaning press have given Trump a hard time. Just as no doubt the right wing press gave Obama a hard time and as one famous former President remarked you can't please every body.

The job of the press surely is to be objective and hold to account any leader regardless of political leanings. The thing is now with the White House press briefings those media networks that Trump thinks are spreading fake news about him (some probably are) are banned from these press meetings. Where as those that are more or less Trump supporting outlets are not so where does this leave the press? Never in the history of media as far as I know with American Presidents has this happened before but I could be wrong.

Trump has had and is having a bumpy ride with his predecessor one Barack H Obama and the vitriol started before Trump ran for Presidency, during it and after his victory. Trump first attacked Obama saying he was not born in the USA and even when Obama produced his birth certificate Trump was not convinced. Obama made light of Trump at a dinner for White House correspondents but this did not put off Trump from attacking Obama. He said Obama was sympathetic to Muslims and had founded Islamic State with Obama saying Trump had nothing better to do than Tweet at 3 am in the morning when most sane folk were abed.

Things during election time turn nasty between the candidates and their supporters but usually after the campaigns are over and one side emerges as victor things calm down. But not here no not between Obama and Trump but when Trump was declared the victor a cease fire appeared to break out between them.

Obama and Trump were pictured on our screens sitting in the White House appearing to get on. That helicopter scene too when the Obamas flew off into the sunset with the Trumps hugging them and wishing them well seemed to be all love and kisses.

However things have soured with Trump accusing Obama of being behind a campaign to discredit him and accusing him of wire tapping Trump Tower during the Presidential elections.

Finally Trump's alleged connections to the Russians and them supposedly helping him win through clandestine means will not go away. American democracy it seems is in a bad place and whether you blame Trump for this or his enemies is entirely down to which side of the political fence your on.

Brief Bio of Former President Barack Hussein Obama

Obama nuzzling baby as politicians often do
Obama nuzzling baby as politicians often do | Source

1) Born 4 August 1961

2) Approximately 55 years of age

3) Was the first mixed - race President of the United States

4) Obama however prefers to be called African - American

5) Was the 44th President of the United States

6) Born out side of mainland USA

7) Born in Hawaii, Honolulu at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children

8) Part of his education was at Harvard Law School 88 - 91

9) Height approximately: 1.85 m

10) Parents were European - American Ann Dunham and Kenyan father Barack Obama senior

11) Barack has commented on his diverse family being like the United Nations

12) Has two daughters Malia and Sasha

13) Married to Michelle Obama


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 9 months ago from Blackpool

      The scenario of Pence taking over from Trump does seem a likely scenario. Lets see what happens guys!

    • junko profile image

      junko 9 months ago

      Can you imagine Trump being removed from office and Pence being President with Ryan being Vice President ? I think that may have been the plan all the time.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 9 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I'm a lifelong Republican and I blame Trump. This is embarrassing. How can you be an adult and operate this way? He's supposed to be a business "genius" but doesn't follow his own advice on how to be a leader in industry.

      Can you imagine taking over as a CEO and after a month going to your board to tell them your office is bugged and the phone tapped by your predecessor? Your days would be numbered. There has to be a tipping point for this madness.