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Trump and Rubio: The Punk And The Godfather

Updated on March 12, 2016
mybillypilgrim profile image

Mybillypilgrim was a chef for 15 years, has a degree in graphic arts, worked as a fishmonger, and is, in general as progressive as they get.

Oh, Marco

You declared you were 3 inches taller

You only became what we made you

Thought you were chasing a destiny calling

You only earned what we gave you

You tried to walk on the trail we were carving

Now you know that we framed you...

"The Punk And The Godfather"

The Who Quadrophenia

The Cock Knows Best

Who's Zoomin' Who

March 2016

Watching Marco Rubio get knocked off of his righteous pedestal has been a bittersweet thing, in many ways. Once the golden boy of the tea-bagger revolution, he has devolved into a pathetic, sniveling punk, caught in the trap of his own warped belief that a conservative hispanic might actually become the nominee of the Republican Party for President of The United States. That wasn't going to happen.

What he doesn't get is that the latent racism of the Republican base has been resurrected by 8 years of the intolerable Obama administration. They HATE Obama. He could have personally cured cancer last year and they would still hate him. And, despite all of the disingenuous and crass denials, it's mostly because he's black. I'm not talking about the Right Wing Press, for the most part, but the rural, un-educated white conservatives that just don't trust people of color and never will. That is the reality that drives Republican politicians. Intolerance for minorities and the LGBT community is the underlying core of the conservative message. They can pretend that it doesn't exist and deny it all day long, but that is the truth. Throw in a disdain for powerful women and very popular social programs, and you've got the New And Improved Republican Party, circa 2016.

So, where does Donald Trump come into this?

The initial reaction of the Republicans after the 2012 election was to transform themselves into a more tolerant, inclusive party, open to Hispanics and other pesky minorities. This led to the rise of senators like Rubio and Ted Cruz as torchbearers for the "New Face". They preached the christian gospell and joined in the anti-Obama montra.

Then came Trump.

Trump 2016

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

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Get Them Out Of Here

Trump himself has said that he "loves the undereducated voters". Of course he does. As a professional con man, he knows full well that the biggest scam in America is the Republicans' ability to consistently get people to vote against their own interests. Ask a Trump supporter to explain any of his positions and you just get the same psycho-babble that he spews. It's all based on hatred, the no longer naked racism that he has enabled his followers to bring to the rally. Trump has lanced the festering boil of bigotry that has been suppressed for almost 50 years. He not only fosters violence against his detractors, he openly encourages it.

It is a disturbing thing to watch, especially as his support grows as things get more out of control. Yet, it is refreshing that he has finally exposed the Republican party for who they really are. Maybe some fighting in the streets is what America needs right now.


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