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Trump delivering his agenda

Updated on November 14, 2016
Donald Trump delivering hard hitting but compassionate agenda - maybe.
Donald Trump delivering hard hitting but compassionate agenda - maybe. | Source
Rudy Guliani to be appointed in Trump's cabinet.
Rudy Guliani to be appointed in Trump's cabinet. | Source
Demonstrators similar to those horrified and opposed to Trump.
Demonstrators similar to those horrified and opposed to Trump. | Source
Putin though welcoming Trump's victory remains to be convinced whether his relationship with the coming Trump administration will be that different to his relationship he had with the Obama one
Putin though welcoming Trump's victory remains to be convinced whether his relationship with the coming Trump administration will be that different to his relationship he had with the Obama one | Source

Trump during this campaign has been shown as a buffoon, a Nazi, a sexist, a racist and everything else in between. But now he is going to be the man at the helm of the US for better or worse and that largely stands on your political point of view from January 2017 whether you regard it as a right wing heaven or hell on Earth he has been speaking about his upcoming tenure in power.

To all those on the left protesting his election he has assured them there is nothing to fear and they do not know him but I doubt his words will be music to their ears as they will remain to be convinced and some may never be depending on how far left of the horizon they are.

As a Brit Im certainly not endorsing Trump per se however some of his views on immigrants for example I can see where he is coming from but on things like climate change now that does worry me. Politically speaking myself I like some things on the left and somethings on the right but why oh why the majority of the right question climate change is beyond me (unless its for their own capitalist gain) when there is clear evidence it is happening the loss of glaciers for example but I am sure they would produce counter arguments that prove the opposite.

Trump as far as we know will signal the death blow to Obamacare but says he will keep some of it. Trump being elected has split Americans in political opinion and things may never be the same again like with the UK and Brexit.

Vladimir Putin says although he has spoke admirably of Trump apparently now he is waiting to see if Trump is the real deal from when he takes power and perhaps that means whether his words of courting Putin were just that words (as maybe some of his words when out campaigning may have been) and his relationship may end up just as frosty as Obama's was or it will be the real political friendship that existed between Reagan and Gorbachev. Of course we talk of history repeating itself with Trump being Reagan and May being Thatcher but Putin being Gorbachev - really? Well things do change in politics and Putin will not be there forever and if he is not Gorbachev then maybe someone after him will be but perhaps this is being a trifle naive in the extreme time will tell.

Trump told CBS he is going ahead with his right wing agenda (if thats how you see it) of building his wall with Mexico but conceded some of it maybe a fence. He said he will deport the millions of illegal immigrants but perhaps will leave the door open on those immigrants who are illegal but are working hard and putting money into the American economy. Regarding Muslims and entering the US that remains to be seen and while I am not saying all Muslims are Jihadis (just as all Germans were not Nazi, not all Russians were Communist or all Irish were IRA) while there is conflict going on it is sensible to stop those people we are at war with from entering the country until as Trump said "We know what is going on". Those on the left think not letting Muslims enter the US is bad what about the poor old Japanese people, Germans and Italians who had been US citizens for years with some even born US citizens proud to be American being putting in open prisons until the war is over and although harsh it was understandable at least Trump is not advocating that for US Muslims - at least not yet!

Regarding NATO in the past he has said NATO nations must cough up money to pay for their defence by the United States and former NATO head Angers Fogh Rasmussen had stated on BBC Radio 4 that NATO must get together with Trump and get the truth from him over this. If Trump truly means to walk away from NATO or at least those nations that do not pay more for their defence or do more militarily which even Obama hinted at (look at the Libyan conflict where the US fired a few missiles and then stepped back some what to let Cameron and Sarkozy bask in the glory of the downfall of Gaddafi) then talk has begun again about a joint European military force but again time will tell.

Regarding the salary that comes with the job of being the leader of still the most powerful nation on this planet it is law you have to accept this money. However Trump said with his millions he does need the Presidential salary but because he is required to by law or at least accept some of it he will take $1 in pay and no more.

We are truly in the early days of Trump as the Obama era winds down and what will happen when Trump takes his place as the 45th President of the US in the Oval Office no one can say for sure.

Melania Trump First Lady to be.
Melania Trump First Lady to be. | Source

Brief resume of Mrs Trump

1) Will be the first foreign born First Lady in January 20 2017.

2) She is a Slovene - American not by birth but by passport.

3) Is a model and pin up and what her role will be to support her husband remains to be seen.

4) Came from a relatively ordinary background.

5) Was accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama's speech.


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    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      me too. and i say we should take him at his word.

      when fascism comes to america...cs lewis

    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool

      Actually as an Englishman I love tea

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      hoo rah. ladies, get me a cup of coffee!


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