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Trump for President! Hmmm, Not...

Updated on March 1, 2016

Is Trump a Hypocrite?

This is the man running for US President. A man who just as easily scams and takes advantage of the lower class while aligning his pockets. Illegal immigrants, or undocumented Polish workers were working for Trump and assisted with the initial build of his building in Manhattan. Paying them $4 an hr while union workers earned $14 and even sadly not paying these workers at all. These are just a few of the issues I have with Trump aside from him allowing his Atlantic City Casinos dwindle and shut down, causing thousands of unjust lay-offs. Is Trump a hypocrite, he most certainly is. Our government has been slowly deteriorating, middle and lower class income families putting the bill to keep this country running, while the rich sit back and greedily stuff their bank accounts with the money we've helped them obtain as we keep their companies, and businesses running. It is truly disgusting how our politicians run for office, offer everything under the sun to obtain your vote and slowly join in with the vultures and forget where they actually came from or how they got started.

I have always hated politics and everyone under that umbrella regardless. I worked hard and still work hard to maintain a household, pay my bills, sometimes late because I can't afford the luxury of having all funds needed to pay these bills by most companies designated late day of the "10th"and need to work around two pay cycles to ensure nothing bounces as I get paid weekly and spouse bi-weekly. In the 90s people said they needed two incomes to make ends meet and in the 00s we basically need four just to have some extra funds to pay all needed bills and possibly take a vacation which we barely have the luxury to.

Trump for President

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Trumps tactics and lies that he knew nothing about it is just another example of how this countries standards and ethics are in dire need of correction. No one regardless of status should be exempt from paying taxes and taking advantage of the system or its true benefactors, the middle class. If Trump is elected our next President this country will truly fall. None of the past mistakes that allowed our economy to crumble in 2006 will compare to what will be in store for us if he is. Anyone that backs this man will soon see where we stand then. None of us are safe and that is truly sad.

If you ask me, every government agency from our military, public assistance, law enforcement and Social Security Disability should be under scrutiny. We pay taxes to keep those agencies running and that money is being abused in every sense of the word but that's another story. This one is based on Donald Trump, his run for office and the madness behind these current debates. As an interested voter I have to watch but hate what he has brought up and who he truly represents, himself. Remember, everyone he has screwed while building Trump towers, the Trump Hotel and Casino closures and those who were also screwed out of thousands of dollars at Trump University have a story and for all or most he claims he had no clue. I stayed at the Trump Hotel AC once and let me say I know why they went under. The hotel was disgusting. Tubs were rusty and the service was mediocre to say the least. Glad I was only staying two days.

The End Results

Well I guess you know how much I despise the fact this man is running for President of the United States. This being posted before tonight's Decision 2016 which of course will be another spectacle full of trash bashing and unnecessary lies but of course one must watch. I know for a fact I will never vote for Trump, but no candidate thus far has offered anything that will truly make a difference. The lies continue regardless and we must make a choice. Please help us all...


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    • one2recognize2 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from New York

      Hello Ken, I hear you and understand your views totally. Why would I delete or not even respond to your comments or anyone else's for that matter. The whole purpose of this site is to get feedback, whether we have the same views or not. I am not a Hillary fan either but will never truly accept Trump based on how insensitive and blatant he is. If he can be this cunning now, just imagine what will happen if he becomes President. He is cocky as hell so getting a position like this under his belt will truly make his ego soar. Trump is following their lead now so I am sure he will also be one that promises change, will say what his followers want to hear, bash and belittle his opponents to get attention and then do the same as every other candidate before him. This is the first time I ever even wrote anything about politics. I know this and religion are two topics many stay clear of because of opinionated individuals that enjoy being rude to others, and even though you and I do not agree on Trump we can still remain the civil minded adults we really are and for that I thank you.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      3 years ago from Florida


      And thank you for allowing my opinion, sometimes they just get deleted because they don't conform to the beliefs of the author.

      I really get your point... truly I do... and if I were younger I'd probably be questioning you for answering someone like me with a civil tongue.

      You know, when I was 16 I got to sit next to Ted Kennedy and he and I actually had a very brief conversation (not that I had anything worthy of note to say back then)... many years later, I got to meet W. Bush in person as I was assigned as a go between for his protection detail when he visited after 9/11 (when I was in the military)... they are just people like you and me... they don't hate people, they aren't knowingly or wantonly racist or sexist, they want to do the right things.

      I don't think that Trump is any different in that sense... oh he can be insensitive, brash, bombastic, insulting, etc. ... but he does a lot of that to get attention, its all part of his plan to a large degree.

      Of course the other part of that, is that is just who he is, he has always been like that... but he was never a politician, he was a businessman, or more of a investor/speculator/ real estate man.

      But I'd take him over some politician that goes out there and says all the right, politically correct things... and doesn't really mean them. I'd take Trump over a politician that promises so many changes, and so much help, and once they are in office, don't bother, don't care, don't want to hear from you until the next election cycle.

      And I'd definitely take him over Cruz or Rubio or Clinton, tho I'd take her over Cruz and Rubio as well, because those two guys have no clue... no clue what that job really takes, no idea what needs to be done to aid this nation... they just don't... if there are any con-men running in this election it is those two.

      We don't need a PC President... we don't need a corrupt President beholden to powerful rich forces/lobbyists/corporate/foreign... we need someone capable of making the changes needed, no matter how unconventional or uncouth they may be.

    • one2recognize2 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from New York

      Hello Ken and than you for taking the time to share your thoughts on Trump. Yes, I agree with some of the good points you made and if Trump is elected can only hope that he does follow through and sets an example so that this country can once again thrive and get better. We do need more jobs, so our struggling college graduates can find a spot in their field and pay back their loans. Better wages who wouldn't want that as well, as most of us struggle just to keep a hold of our homes, and never seem to have enough to actually enjoy your pay check and who would pass up on better living conditions. If Trump does accomplish these tasks, I will for one commend him, but sorry I simply can't trust him after the many people he had scammed and cheated throughout his career. Yes, he is smart, I give him that and getting attention is surely his strong suit. He is going into politics now so soon he may also fall into the category of being incompetent to be President as it is a high stressed position that no one can go into and not be. He knows how to talk the talk, so lets see if he can walk the walk. There are things he said throughout this campaign that could never be taken back or forgiven as they are recent and he hasn't aged enough to change his mind on it. I normally do not follow politics, but working for a politically involved union and being a citizen who pays her fair share in taxes I am truly concerned about who will end up in our White House next year. Thanks again for your thoughts. :-)

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      3 years ago from Florida

      Wonderful post, really did a lot of work on it, and I will return to re-read it at length... are you open to discussion and debate on the matter, or is this a open and shut case?

      I can tell you, I have gone full course on the idea of Trump... first I thought it was a gimmick, something he'd do for a little while and then be eased out or move on to something else.

      But as it got near to the primaries I started paying attention. And this is what you have to respect about what he is doing.

      He used the media to get attention... yes he said things that were offensive, yes he picked fights with Presidents, Popes and Pundits... but that got him air time, each and every day... he got free publicity.

      And that was his intent, to get people's attention, to get them listening to what he was saying.

      I'll give him credit as well, that he understands voters, I am sure he has a better plan to put into effect to 'make this country great again' than anyone else running... but he knows that explaining the details to the voters would make their eyes roll into the backs of their heads... so he keeps it simple, and on message, and spends the rest of his time saying things to get attention and berate his opponents. Smart.

      Look you don't have businesses all over the world, and you don't become a billionare if you are dumb... sorry that just does not happen.

      I'll tell you in one word that best describes the others running for the POTUS or sitting now in Washington... Corruption. You aren't given hundreds of millions of dollars to run a campaign, and not owe someone.

      Trump owes no one. I'm sure he has backers, I'm sure he will make deals, but he is in no way beholden to the lobbyists and foreign interests the way anyone and everyone else is that is running.

      Those long tenured Senators, and establishment politicians, they don't represent you or I anymore... they represent themselves, the lobbyists, WallSt., etc. If this wasn't true, there would be no NAFTA, no CAFTA, no 500 Billion a year trade deficit with China... Jobs by the thousands wouldn't be flying out of our country, we wouldn't have our southern states being taken over by illegal immigrants, and we wouldn't be losing our freedoms.

      Everything Trump said tonight was spot on, he is bringing in new voters... not to the Party, those new voters support HIM... they will only stay with the Party if he stays.

      The only chance the GOP has of winning the White House is Trump, he is the only one with real ideas and a real plan on how to better our economy, bring jobs back to America and make out country great again.

      The Nation has been bleeding jobs and wealth for ove two decades now, and the Politicians have done nothing to fix it... and never will. They are the very ones that put you and I and America in this mess to begin with.

      Maybe this time the citizens of this great nation will not be fooled, will not be manipulated by the media... they will realize the one reason why none of the establishment wants Trump, is because they fear that he will do what he says he will do... and make America great again... for Americans, not the politicians, not the corporations, not foreign nations... for Americans.

      As for the list of things he has said in the past, he wasn't a politician and he has been around for decades... people say things and change their mind as they get older, or as situations change.

      As for the things he has failed at, you learn more from your failures than your success... better a man with a lot of experience in the White House than say a 1st term Senator that has no clue what the job really entails ro how to make the changes that matter. (that would be Rubio and Cruz btw).

      Trump could be the best thing for this country in my lifetime or yours, if you think having more jobs, better wages, and better living conditions are worthy things.


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