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Trump invites Mahmoud Abbas to White House

Updated on March 16, 2017
Donald Trump inviting Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to White House
Donald Trump inviting Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to White House | Source
Would appear Abbas willing to talk to Trump and Netanyahu
Would appear Abbas willing to talk to Trump and Netanyahu | Source
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu silent
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu silent | Source

Oh, the number of times sadly I have watched talks after talks and nothing ever and I mean ever gets solved between the chasm nay the Grand Canyon that currently exists between Israel and Palestine.

From the time Arafat shook the hands of Israeli leaders watched over by Bill Clinton at the White House and the Oslo Agreement and beyond Israel and Palestine are an open wound that badly needs fixing for both peoples.

The problem is can peace talks even get going even if it were possible with the Palestinians apparently divided with Hamas ruling Gaza and Fatah in charge of the West Bank. Then you have the Israeli government currently to the right of Ghengis Khan with an almost Fascist like attitude to the Palestinians.

Many Palestinians have fallen out of love with Donald Trump (not saying they loved him in the first place) because in his recent meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu he appeared to move away from the Oslo Agreement. Mr Trump had a very laissez-faire attitude to Palestinian - Israel peace, in other words, anything will do as long as there is peace.

Also his mutterings about taking the American Embassy to Jerusalem instead of Tel - Aviv the world recognised capital of Israel. The problem being that if you place your embassy in Jerusalem your as good as declaring open support for Israel and shutting the door in the face of Palestinian self-determination.

Obama tried talks with the two sides and there was no agreement and ever since the peace talks have been in the deep freeze. So with Donald Trump inviting Mahmoud Abbas to Washington what can he bring to the table for peace that no other President could?

To be fair to Trump he has said at the beginning of his term in office this year and again recently for Israel to slow down or stop building on the West Bank. The West Bank in the Oslo Agreement would be part of a future Palestine living in peace and security with Israel well that's the idea anyway.

Israel for its part has made no answer and although I would hope and pray for peace between both sides I'm not holding my breath

Brief Bio of Mahmoud Abbas

1) Known also as Abu Mazen

2) Took over as President of the PLO and Palestinian Authority after Yasser Arafat's death

3) D O B: March 26, 1935

4) Born in Galilee, Mandate of Palestine in what is now Israel

5) Is based in Ramallah on the West Bank

6) Has been a political activist

7) Wrote a book on Zionisms links to Nazism

8) Has served as Palestinian Prime Minister

9) His grandchildren belong to Seeds of Peace which introduces young Palestinians to Israelis

10) Has been accused of embezzling public funds

11) Married to Amina Abbas

12) Three offspring: Mazen, Yasser and Tareq Abbas

13) Is member of the Fatah party


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 13 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      The situation is a little grim because I have seen being in this region that the Palestine Arabs will not let Isreal live in peace. They want destruction. Just read the Arabic literature they spew. Trump is naive and most of his agenda is either stalled or he is unable to execute.He better watch out that he doesn't get impeached. Solving Palestine is way out of his thinking.