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Trump Lives Up to His Word

Updated on April 7, 2017
Syrian President:  Bashar Assad
Syrian President: Bashar Assad | Source
President Donald J Trump
President Donald J Trump | Source

Trump and Syria

Back in 2013 when President Barack Obama threatened military action against the regime of Assad of Syria it seemed things were moving against the Syrian dictator. Obama's outburst about Assad crossing a red line came in response to a Syrian attack using chemical weapons that hit civilians.

However, no attack came probably because Obama was relying on his buddy David Cameron to go in there with him. However, David Cameron could not get support from the British Parliament who voted against military action against Assad so the matter was quietly dropped. The Russians supposedly dealt with Assad's chemical munitions by taking them out of the country and destroying them.

Now Donald Trump is President he seems he means business as he was genuinely appalled by the latest chemical attack on civilians by the Assad regime. The town of Khan Sheikun was hit by chemical bombs dropped by it is thought the Syrian Air force or the Russian or both, either way, the horrific use of sarin gas had a hideous affect on civilians in the area. killing and maming many. Men, women and children were victims in the attack but the Russians and Syrians blamed rebels in the area saying the target of the Russian and Syrian attack was a rebel chemical weapons factory. When the factory was hit it released chemicals and that is what caused the carnage and injuries to civilians, however, experts have expressed doubts about the Russian and Syrian explanation.

Donald Trump it seems was genuinely moved by the horrific pictures coming out of Syria and so has acted ordering warships in the Med to launching 60 Tomahawk missiles. The missiles hit a Syrian airbase from whence the chemical attack on Khan Sheikun allegedly came from.

The base was reportedly to be on fire and airbase personnel had been killed and injured in the attack.

The Syrians have said this is an act of aggression and the Russians who Trump is supposedly friends with said relations between Russia and America could be damaged because of this. Trump unlike Obama has gone ahead and struck at the Syrian war machine in response to this chemical attack which has made Obama seem rather cowardly or cautious depending upon your political take.

Many people from different political backgrounds have said this Syrian attack could not go unanswered and have backed Trump's actions. However there is a dangerous footnote to this, that is that because its Russia who is backing Assad we need to be careful here because things once started can easily get out of control.

Bio of the Tomahawk missile

Tomahawk missile on its way
Tomahawk missile on its way | Source

1) Tomahawk named after Native American offensive/defensive hand held axe like weapon

2) Missiles are highly accurate

3) Tomahawk is an intermediate missile

4) With ranges ranging from 800 - 1500 miles

5) Carries 1000 pound conventional warhead

6) Weapon was first used successfully Iraq in 'Operation Desert Storm' in 1990

7) Weapon has been in use ever since

8) The UK has acquired some of these missiles

9) Each missile costs $832,000 or £667,000 to make

10) Costs American tax payer: $49,088,000 or £39,353,000

Source for above information: 'The Sun', UK daily tabloid


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      21 months ago from Blackpool

      Well saying "No" is what happened to Cameron too. Seems Obama was stitched up then!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      21 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      dont know if you were living here, but thats bologna.

      obama couldnt strike because he went to Republican congress, and they said no.

      in fact, walter jones had impeachment papers drawn up, in case obama so much as tried it

      if trump is allowed to act on his own, after finding it an impeachable offense under obama, there WILL be a revolution...

      and not the one the repubs have been craving.


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