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Trump says Russia must give back Crimea

Updated on February 15, 2017
Sean Spicer White House press spokesman
Sean Spicer White House press spokesman | Source
President Trump
President Trump | Source
President Putin
President Putin

The war in Ukraine has been dragging on now for a number of years ever since the Russians made a land grab for the Crimea which then was part of Ukraine. Shortly after that the war in Ukraine kicked off fought between Ukrainian government forces and Russian backed rebels. Russia would seem to have soldiers in that theater of war posing as rebels.

Obama put sanctions on Russia because of their war in Ukraine and their taking of the Crimea. These sanctions have obviously hurt the Russian economy but none the less Putin ploughs on with his war in Ukraine and in Syria. Nations in eastern Europe, the Baltic states and parts of Scandinavia have become nervous of Russia and understandably so.

NATO has been beefing up those countries defences as Russia has been sending in bombers into those countries air spaces and testing the defences of those countries. Countries like the UK for example escort the Russian bombers out of their air space as do other countries that have had their air space breached.

Trump and his team when they took over from Obama have been attacked for their supposed closeness with the Russians particularly it is alleged over their collusion with hacking the Democrats and Hillary Clinton which may have had some affect in her losing the Presidential election. Trump it has been noted has attacked everyone you can think of apart from Vladimir Putin and some have wandered has Putin got something on Trump like the alleged sex tapes of Trump when he was in Moscow to blackmail Trump with. However both Trump and the Russians have denied such sex tapes exist and Trump has said he would like to be friends with Putin but may not agree on everything.

Perhaps to answer his critics Trump has demanded that Russia hand back Crimea to Ukraine but the Russians have stated to quote Trump "Its never gonna happen". Historically Russia does have a claim to Crimea as it was part of the Russian Empire and according to RT most of Ukraine's population are ethnic Russians.

UN US Ambassador Nikki Haley announced at the UN that Russia must give back Crimea as did White House press spokesman Sean Spicer who has come in for a bit of criticism because of his handling of the press every time he comes to the podium to take press questions or announce what is happening in the Trump White House.

There is this much about it if Trump has genuine reasons for wanting to be friends with Putin that is commendable. However Trump must show some gumtion too and stand up to Trump and learn from Obama's time with Russia which looked so promising but ended up close to being another cold war.

Brief Bio of Sean Spicer

1) Born in Barrington, Rhode Island

2) Year of birth 1970/71

3) Married Rebecca Miller in 2004

4) The couple have two children

5) Sean Spicer is a Roman Catholic

6) Attended college in Connecticut

7) Left college with a B A in government studies

8) Worked on a number of political campaigns

9) Joined navy and holds rank of Commander to this day

10) During his first outing as Press Spokesman for the White House he came under criticism for saying crowds gathered at Trump's inauguration bigger than what they were

11) As well as being Trump's Press Secretary he is also Trump's Communications Director at the White House

Will the real Sean Spicer please stand up!
Will the real Sean Spicer please stand up! | Source


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