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Trump should be prosecuted for violating the 'Whistleblower Protection Act'.

Updated on June 3, 2017

The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is a federal law that was made to protect employees of the federal government, if they expose government misconduct. The law is known as Public Law 101-12 and it became effective on April 10, 1989. On May 9, 2017, F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) director James Comey was fired from his job as F.B.I. director by President Donald Trump, probably because Comey was 'blowing the whistle' on Trump. This is the reason that the Whistleblower Protection Act was made, it was made to prevent people from being fired, when they try to expose criminal wrongdoing. This is exactly what happened to Comey. He blew the whistle on Trump, and he got fired. Now, I believe that Mr. Comey in in a position to file a criminal complaint against Donald Trump. That means that Trump would then go on trial, for violation of Public Law 101-12. But, there is a problem. So far, Mr. Comey has not stood up for his own rights. So far, Mr. Comey has not filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Trump.

To give you a little background in this affair, I will remind readers that Mr. Comey was investigating the possibility of Russian involvement in Trump's election campaign, when Trump was running for President in 2016. Trump himself made no secret of the fact that he was soliciting Russian assistance, he even shouted a request for Russian assistance, during one of his campaign rallies. When he did this, he shouted publicly, in a room full of people, and when he shouted he apparently hoped that some Russians were listening, or that someone in the room would relay his request to the Russians. If Trump is put on trial for violating the Whistleblower Protection Act, this fact could be explained in court. Videotaped evidence would also be available, since there are video recordings of Trump shouting for Russians to help his campaign.

So, what's wrong with Comey? Why hasn't Comey filed a criminal complaint against Trump? Remember, when Comey (or anyone else) serves as the F.B.I. director, he represents us, the American people, he's not serving as F.B.I. director for the sake of his own narrow interests, he is serving for the sake of the American people, that means me and you. I wrote a letter today and I dropped it into a mailbox. The letter I wrote was addressed to the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. I asked the Democrats if they could try to contact Mr. Comey, and if they could, I said that the Democrats should try to convince Mr. Comey to file a criminal complaint against Donald Trump. We should all do our part to have Mr. Trump prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Formal impeachment proceedings could also be initiated against Trump, and one of the issues that should be discussed in Trump's impeachment is the fact that Trump violated the Whistleblower Protection Act when he fired James Comey. It is my sincere wish that all of Trump's supporters will someday pay for what Trump has done.


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