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Trump warns Kim Jong - un

Updated on January 4, 2017
President Elect Donald J Trump seemingly will be willing to talk to Kim but at the same time it seems will stand no messing from the North Korean leader
President Elect Donald J Trump seemingly will be willing to talk to Kim but at the same time it seems will stand no messing from the North Korean leader | Source
Hereditary Dictator Kim Jong Un demonstrating North Korea has missiles that can reach mainland USA and has a nuclear capability
Hereditary Dictator Kim Jong Un demonstrating North Korea has missiles that can reach mainland USA and has a nuclear capability | Source

Some see Donald Trump once he is sworn in and taking his place in what was Obama's hot seat as a nutter or maverick with his finger poised over the red nuke button that will bring destruction on us all. They may have a point, however, it seems Trump may be a little more rational and thoughtful than people give him credit him for.

When the news came through that North Korea would be testing an ICBM or Inter - Continental Ballistic Missile that has a range of 10,000 km easily able to reach the distance between the USA and North Korea approximately 9,000 km Trump took as he famously does to Twitter. His message was straight to the point saying "It won't happen" and what one makes of this message is open to debate. Did he mean that any nuke heading for the USA will be shot down or did he mean the place from whence the North Korean missile would be launched at the USA would be taken out? Did he mean any testing of the ICBM will not happen because of American military action or maybe through peaceful means?

Trump has indicated he would be willing to talk to Kim just as he is willing to talk to Putin which shows that Trump is starting off seemingly in some Obama like way when he said about Russia "Pressing the re - set button" and offering the hand of friendship to Iran. The policy of the USA has always been that they will talk to the North Koreans when the country has disarmed its nukes but it seems if Trump is willing to talk to Kim one on one with out perhaps any pre - conditions this may bode well.

The South Koreans have said this "It won't happen" statement on Twitter by Trump is a warning to the North Koreans that he will stand no nonsense from them. The USA and South Korea applied sanctions to NK over its nuclear and missiles tests which it did quite regularly last year and even said it wanted a space programme.

Kim like Putin is a hard man to read and is the third ruler of a Communist leadership which in a way flies in the face of Communism as the basis of Communism is against hereditary rule say like a monarchy. But obviously the leaders of NK forgot to conveniently read that part of 'Das Kapital' or they were that power crazed that they buried that part of Socialism under the red carpet (forgive the pun).

Kim says he wants to make NK an industrial power as well as a military one which leads one to think Kim is a young man and while it is more likely he will continue the old style Communist dictatorship of his forebears could he introduce more freedoms and open up the North Korean economy for investment. I doubt it but if 2016 is anything to go by in politics with Trump and Brexit anything could happen.

2017 with Trump in the White House and the UK going through Brexit and the world in general will be an interesting place I think.

Bio of Kim Jong - un and North Korea

1) Kim Jong - un succeeded his father Kim Jong - il in 2011

2) His title is Supreme Leader of North Korea

3) In the West little is known of his early life

4) His mother it is known was an opera singer Ko Young - hee

5) Kim has brought some reforms in like agricultural and economic

6) Despite this the regime under Kim brutally puts down any opposition

7) North Korea has been under a waft of international sanctions from the USA, Japan, South Korea and even China

8) China backs North Korea but it says even its relationship with Kim's regime is strained at times

9) North Korea has been conducting nuclear tests and missile launches believed to be a genuine effort to improve its military capabilities or in its own mind to negotiate with the USA and others from a position of strength

10) Kim announced North Korea would be having a space programme one day

11) Kim is married to Ri Sol - ju and it is believed they have a child. She appears more than previous wives of North Korean leaders which is a departure from the past

12) Dennis Rodman visited the North Korean regime and said it was because Kim was a fan and to better the relationship between the USA and NK

13) Kim being a young man is known to be very tech and computer savvy and enjoys modern Western things

14) Is blamed for launching cyber attack on Sony Pictures when a movie starring Seth Rogen appeared belittling the North Korean Dictator

15) The South Korean government worries about Kim's mental health

Korean Peninusla

Map of North and South Korea
Map of North and South Korea | Source


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