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Trump:A Response to Criticism

Updated on July 19, 2016

Trump let’s respond to the criticism

Recently Presidential candidate Donald Trump has come under fire from not only the media and the Democratic party but even his own political party, the GOP.

He has been criticized as being an arrogant and insensitive person, unfit for the highest office in the land.

With all of these attacks coming his way I think it is appropriate that these

attacks should be responded to. I will do this in question and answer format.

Q- Trump has never held public office before his only experience is

running his businesses, isn’t he therefore unqualified for the Presidency

of the United States?

  1. Trump is certainly qualified for the U.S. Presidency. His background

    as a business executive gives him excellent working knowledge of dealing with

    people and handling massively important situations. Let me remind you

    that two of our recent presidents had very thin resumes before they

    took office (Presidents Clinton and Obama) yet know one now claims

    that their inexperience hurt their presidencies.

Q- Trump has made some unfortunate remarks so doesn’t this

make him less attractive to women voters?

  1. True Trump has said some unfortunate remarks about women

    over the course of his career but the person he will be running

    against in the election has a much more unsettling position towards

    females. Hillary Clinton stood by her adulterer husband even to the

    point of helping silence the women who revealed some of Bill’s

    transgressions. These actions by Mrs.Clinton are clearly more damaging

    to women than any of Trump’s impish commentary.

Q- Isn’t Trump hated by his own party even to the point of

its top leaders such as both Bush presidents and Bill Kristol

not supporting him, so he therefore can’t win?’

A-True Trump has been harshly criticized by his own party and

its top leaders. But Trump if so hated how come he won the

primaries and has locked up the nomination? The answer to this

question is that so often in life the average members of an organization

or movement very different views then the top echelon of leaders. This

reality also appears in other social movements such as the debate

over the Washington Redskins name. For several years prominent

American Indian organizations have been thundering against the

use of the mascot name Redskins asserting that it is a racist word.

But recent polling of the average American Indians state that

90% of them are not offended by the name Redskin to denote

an American Indian.

Q- Trump is a jerk, insensitive and heartless to other’s concerns. Why should

we elect such an unpleasant person?

A- True Donald Trump is not the most pleasant person in the world.

BUT so are most politicians! Reviewing America’s recent political history

we remember such people as Newt Gingrich, Richard Nixon, Lyndon

Baines Johnson, all of whom exhibited very bad behavior to one and

all. It has always been the case that politicians don’t’ always behave

gentlemanly to the people they represent. An extreme example of

this would be President Bill Clinton who was not only an adulterer and

a felon but was also accused of rape and sexual harassment. Despite

all of this the rank and file of his party stood by him and ardently defended

his right to stay in office. It is a basic double standard: its okay for the

Democrats to support Clinton with his horrible acts but not okay for

people to support Trump who is only charged with being an annoying lout.


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