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Trumpcare (AHCA) is a Failure, either way, like Trump's Presidency

Updated on March 29, 2017
The realization is sinking in. Trump cannot govern.
The realization is sinking in. Trump cannot govern.

Trumpcare Failure just started

Donald Trump has been very unorthodox his whole life but unfortunately he is bringing that style into the White House. Trump has spent his entire life skimming and hustling the less fortunate to appease himself and the fortunate. He does not have any core convictions except he does support anything that adulates him. He prides himself on this false sense of exceptional negotiation skills; he even had a ghostwriter write "The Art of the Deal", which is supposed to be comparable to the Bible for negotiators (a Bigly must read). However, after the Trumpcare debacle, it is wholly apparent that he's not a good negotiator. The harsh reality is that Trump has been as unsuccessful at negotiations, except negotiations to evade paying debts, his entire life.

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Trump plays on People's emotions

Trump is a great salesman when he's dealing with human emotions. He can sell you your hopes and dreams in a plastic bag and people will buy it. However, since becoming President he has been unsuccessful on every front, including uniting the country around him. His foreign policy is backfiring, especially amongst his minimized support from other foreign powers. He has been unsuccessful dealing with immigration; his "Travel Bans", have been repeatedly rejected by the courts. Protests have erupted around the country in opposition to his presidency, unification just isn't happening. He claimed that a wall would be built right away and as of today, no Wall on the southern border is being built. He's managed to alienate minorities and women from his cabinet, with microscopic numbers of people. He proposed a budget that took food from those using meals on wheels, wanted to eliminate public broadcasting, cut the arts, and increase military spending astronomically (the people have rejected it).

Trump will promise you the moon after he knew he sold it to a higher bidder.
Trump will promise you the moon after he knew he sold it to a higher bidder.

The many failures of Trump

Now, look at what's happening with TrumpCare. TrumpCare has become the ultimate embarrassment for Trump. His first test as a negotiator has utterly failed. He's been successful deregulating everything that affects him and his bottom line, but he only was capable of doing that through executive orders. What else has he accomplished since becoming President? TrumpCare, as argued by Trump, was going to pass the house on March 23, 2017. On March 23, 2017, it was announced that no such thing would happen that day. TrumpCare is on life support and if it fails to pass in the house, then it's dead. Trump has said it himself.

The inability of Trump to be successful in this endeavor is not dissimilar to majority of his business practices. Trump steaks failed; Trump Vodka failed; Trump Magazine failed; Trump Airline failed; Trump water failed; Trump board game failed; Trump Mortgage Failed; Trump shuttle failed. Trump hotel in Canada has been auctioned off. His businesses have had to file for bankruptcy multiple times. Trump was never the winner he claimed. One of his tax returns showed he had close to $1 billion in losses in one year. He was forced to settle for $25 million for scamming people out of their money with the fake Trump University. What Trump has been successful at is lying to people saying he's successful. People hired this man to be able to work miracles in Washington. He was hired to win and keep winning. None of that is happening.

Not a Success after all

Nothing like having multiple businesses fail and still claim to be a success.
Nothing like having multiple businesses fail and still claim to be a success.

There will be no winning forthcoming

The sooner people realize they got conned, the better. By the way, Trump is not a victim of Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan, who has no backbone, is more of a victim of Trump. Trump will never do what he doesn't want to do. He endorsed, negotiated, campaigned, and advocated TrumpCare. No matter what happens when a TrumpCare is voted on, this is Trump's failure. Only 17% of people support the bill. If it passes, it will fail. If it doesn't pass, then it's a failure by Trump. While Trump argues that he'll move on to tax reform if it doesn't pass, he can't move on or seem to evade failure. His tax plan will be just like everything else he does, a very self-serving and purely for the benefit of rich people. His supporters won't benefit, contrarily the people who despised him and didn't vote for him will get the biggest breaks.

It's just too much winning coming from Trump's agenda that I am actually getting really tired of this type of winning!

AHCA has 17% Approval

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    • DICESI profile image

      Dicesi 10 months ago from New York

      He sure did. He ran the biggest con in history and is getting away with it.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 11 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      astounding to me that people cant see this. after he said, "im not like other republicans", he turns around and acts like other republicans.

      did you see the list of care they want cut out?

      its everything!

      blockgranting?....oh sure, weve never seen that before.

      tax cuts for the 2%...why, how novel!!

      anti-abortion, anti helping the poor, all about the money....typical for this 2010 brand of republican!

      i know they see it as some kind of freedom, but all it means is "youre free if youre born into money"

      and, "if youre a woman, youre free to do as the church/state says."

      hes no maverick president.

      no mix between repub dem and indie.

      hes straight up tea party far right police-state dictator-in-chief.

      and hes bombing more than all these people who used to slam "obomber" ever dreamed of.

      he thinks since hes prez, that means we all love him and must bend to his will.

      does he even rember how nasty he was to prez obama??

      hell get a refesher course...aimed at him.

      welcome to the world of intuition trump.

      what goes around comes back around.

      great truth hub dicesi...another thumbs up!

    • profile image

      Meghan Oswald 11 months ago

      Like I think he really needs to go

    • DICESI profile image

      Dicesi 11 months ago from New York

      The bill was supposed to be voted on yesterday. It was postponed and allegedly the vote is today. Call your members of Congress now. Trumpcare will cause 24 million people to lose health care coverage over 10 years.