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Trump, Cruz and Rubio would decimate the U.S.

Updated on February 11, 2016

Trump, Cruz and Rubio would decimate the U.S.

We’ll discuss five GOP contenders, but concentrate on Trump, Cruz and Rubio as they are the leading GOP candidates and are dangerous threats to the U.S..

What can you say about Trump’s followers? Trump’s policies would devastate the U.S. both internationally and domestically. Trump’s economic policies would destroy it. Trump can’t control his abrasiveness even on the evening of the New Hampshire primary when he labelled Cruz a phrase that is too coarse to be used in polite company.

Cruz has shutdown the government he wants to be President of. In Iowa, as an example of his character, Cruz lied about Carson leaving the campaign. Cruz has so alienated his own GOP colleagues that none of them will support him. Bush 43 lied about being a “uniter, not a divider”. Well, Cruz can’t even get a letter of reference from his work associates. How can he work with Congress with this record?

Cruz is airing a negative ad against Trump.

Rubio has a plot to lock Tea Party policies in place permanently.

Kasich did well in New Hampshire, but he is actually a moderate, and the GOP red staters don’t want that.

Jeb Bush will get ugly in South Carolina, and that is what they like.

The GOP presidential candidates are appealing to angry, low-information voters. Isn’t that an awful scenario for our country?

Trump’s followers.

The Huffington Post article “Daily News Calls Out The 'Brain Dead' Voters Of New Hampshire”states “The New York Daily News is not amused with the people of New Hampshire.

Following business mogul Donald Trump's double-digit win in the state's primary, the brash media outlet announced that its cover on Wednesday would depict a clown-faced image of the GOP front-runner alongside a sharp jab at the voters who've gotten him this far.

Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves," the cover reads, underneath the headline "Dawn of the brain dead." The Daily News has called Trump a clown -- among other things -- on its cover several times.”

The article had an Editor's note which states “Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.”

Trump’s policies would devastate the U.S. both internationally and domestically.

We have articulated in the articles “Trump and his unsafe USA” and “Trump is a danger to us all.” that Trump’s policies incite hatred of immigrants, Muslims and almost any segment that red staters could conceivable dislike.

Trump’s economic policies would destroy the U.S.

The article “President Trump Would Destroy the Economy” notes that Trump has not clearly articulated any policies, but states “Trump would provide a gigantic flush of stimulus to the American economy, by way of a truly mammoth tax cut. But that stimulus would be entirely wiped out by the severe economic dislocations caused by his closing of the American economy to foreign goods — a policy decision that would kick off a global trade war. On top of that, the Donald is proposing radical changes to immigration and health policy, which might severely harm any number of big-employment, very-important industries.”

Relating to his trade policies the article states “Moving on! Trump has also put forward some exciting trade-policy ideas. While many Republicans and the Obama administration are pushing proposals that would open the United States economy to trade, Trump has promised to shut us off, North Korea–like, by imposing import tariffs that would make Smoot and Hawley proud. His carefully considered warning to Beijing: "Listen, you motherfuckers, we're going to tax you 25 percent!" This completely illegal maneuver would incite a global trade war, with foreign countries slapping punitive countermeasures on American goods. As a result, the United States would become a hermit economy, and I have to imagine that every major American firm would decamp to literally any other country than this one. Welcome to Donald's America: no imports, no exports, but also no death tax!”

Cruz has repeatedly shutdown the government he wants to be President of.

The 09/28/15 article “Ted Cruz's big moment” states “But Cruz’s supporters see the showdown in Congress over Planned Parenthood and the budget — which kicks into high gear this week and could stretch into the winter, on the cusp of voting in early states — as a critical opening for the first-term lawmaker. With the spotlight focused on Congress, they say, it will allow Cruz to make a sustained case to tea party and evangelical voters that he’s the one candidate doing battle in the trenches for their causes, just as many of them are picking a horse in the race. The goal, he and allies stop just short of saying, is to expose his chief competitors for the outsider mantle as pretenders by comparison.”

In Iowa, as an example of his character, Cruz lied about Carson leaving the campaign.

The article “Ted Cruz ADMITS his staff spread 'shameless' whisper campaign that Ben Carson was quitting presidential contest just before Iowa caucus voting began – but blames CNN for starting the rumor” states “Ted Cruz admitted on Tuesday that his presidential campaign spread a false rumor, just hours before Monday's Iowa caucuses began, that conservative rival Ben Carson was dropping pout of the presidential race.”

Cruz has so alienated his own GOP colleagues that none of them will support him.

The August 27, 2015 article “John Boehner Is Glad ‘That Jackass’ Ted Cruz Is Out of His Hair” states “Since Ted Cruz habitually undermines the GOP leadership and threatens to shut down the government, we assumed that House Speaker John Boehner was not a big fan, and now he's confirmed it: Boehner called the Texas senator a "jackass" at a Colorado fund-raiser on Wednesday night. Two people in attendance told the Daily Caller that Boehner said he's happy the 2016 campaign is keeping "that jackass" out of D.C., so he can't tell Boehner how to do his job.”

Cruz is airing a negative ad against Trump.

The article “Cruz Ad Portrays Trump As Doll Who 'Pretends To Be A Republican'”states “A new ad from Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) presidential campaign portrays Donald Trump as an action figure masquerading as a Republican.

The 45-second spot shows children explaining that the Trump doll "pretends to be a Republican" who likes "bailouts for the banks" and donates to Democrats. The Trump doll also encounters a Hillary Clinton doll who Trump pays to be his friend.

The children playing with the Trump action figure then smash down a "lousy" dollhouse using eminent domain.”

Rubio has a plot to lock Tea Party policies in place permanently.

The Jan 7, 2016 article “Marco Rubio’s Plan To Lock Tea Party Policies In Place Permanently” states “Share889



In a brief USA Today op-ed that extends for just 340 words, Republican presidential candidate and Senator Marco Rubio calls for major constitutional changes that would fundamentally rework American society to be implemented through a process that has literally never been invoked in the entirety of American history….

It’s also likely, moreover, that while Rubio describes his proposed amendment as a “balanced budget requirement” he’s actually referring to something much more transformative. In 2011, Senate Republicans pushed something that they called a “balanced budget amendment,” but which also contained additional provisions requiring a two-thirds majority in both chambers of Congress to raise taxes and limiting annual spending to 18 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Had this amendment actually become part of the Constitution, it would have required draconian spending cuts that would literally take the United States back half a century. According to Senate Budget Committee Democrats at the time the amendment was under consideration, federal spending last dipped below 18 percent of GDP in 1966.

Indeed, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the spending cuts required under such an amendment would have been so drastic that they would have plunged the United States into a second Great Depression.’

Kasich did well in New Hampshire, but he is actually a moderate, and the red staters don’t want that.

The article “John Kasich: A Jeb Bush In Jon Huntsman Clothing” states “Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who officially kicks off his campaign today, is currently in 12th place in national primary polls with a net favorability rating of just +3 percentage points, according to the latest Monmouth University survey. Kasich’s problem: Voters who have an opinion about him — Kasich isn’t well-known — don’t view him as a mainstream conservative. “

Jeb Bush will get ugly in South Carolina, and that is what they like.

The article “Bush and Rubio race to the bottom” states “South Carolina is gonna be a bloodbath. Jeb and his people wanted to attack Marco in New Hampshire about abortion? Let’s see how that plays down there. And then there’s Common Core,” one Rubio adviser said.”

Jeb will have his brother with him on the campaign trail. Bush vied 43 lied about McCain in 2000 to win South Carolina.

The article states “Iowa only means so much,” said Terry Holt, a veteran Republican strategist. “You gotta make it pay off somewhere and with New Hampshire gone, South Carolina looms larger than before. And that’s gonna be a knife fight.”

The GOP presidential candidates are appealing to angry, low-information voters. Isn’t that an awful scenario for our country?

What won’t Trump say to get elected? He is not being held to basic standards of decorum. He has denigrated almost every segment of the U.S. population and the entire female gender. He has disparaged many ethnic and racial components of the world. Trump is the leading GOP candidate because red staters are full of hatred and fear. His GOP counterparts will emulate his tactics for votes.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Cruz is a disaster, he's not becoming the Candidate, so forget him.

      Rubio is essentially backed and supported by the establishment, if he gets elected nothing changes... Washington will continue to march in the direction it has marched... massive Debt... gridlock on major issues... jobs fleeing the country... and the eventual collapse of our economy and the shift of power to China as we become a 2nd rate country.

      This election isn't really about social issues, or special issues... some voters may feel it is, but it is not.

      This is about the economy. This is about if Trump, an outsider, will actually do what he has claimed he will do... tackle NAFTA, CAFTA and China's Trade status and make it so that America can compete again, make it so that companies HAVE to Make IN America their products in order to sell and profit in America.

      In the last 7 years we went from having 46 million people on Welfare to 126 million people on Welfare... think about that... that is UNsustainable, there is no way we can continue to pile on Trillions in debt to pay for all these Welfare programs and Pensions, sooner or later China will say sorry, we aren't buying any more of your bad Debt, and they will happily step into the position of world leader and economic power... while America sinks into despair, riots, and recession.

      If Trump isn't elected, things will continue in Washington the way they have for the last 20+ years... whether its Rubio or Clinton, they are both bought and paid for by the same Lobbyists, Special interests, and Foreign interests.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Do you really think that there is much left in the US to decimate? Between GH Bush, Bill Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama there isn't much left of the America that made it great.

      Neither party opposed the drastic increase in the size and scope of the federal government. Neither party predicted, or was prepared for the economic meltdown in 2008.

      911 happened during GW Bush but he used the Clinton staffed CIA. Bush did a poor job during 911, and the congress made a mistake of going to war with Iraq.

      None of the people in congress during those times did a good job of changing these events. Certainly not the two democrats vying for the presidency.

      The real problem is the loyal party voters, giving their loyalty to their party, instead of their country.

      There is little that can be done to the USA, that hasn't already been done by the past presidents that I have mentioned here.

      The major problem is a Divided USA, divided by Blue and Red. The country needs to turn purple, or at least a shade of it.


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