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Trump's Avenger: AG Barr and the Lost Cause Against Mueller

Updated on May 1, 2019

There is an outrage. As expected, Barr, sought to avenge and defend and minimize Mueller's 400+page report that clearly shows Barr's own bias for his boss, President Trump. Was it really a shock to hear Barr split the report and use it in partial, isolated ways, to clear Trump's name with regards to obstruction, where Mueller outlined 10 incidents where obstruction could have occurred depending on how you interpret the evidence.

Mueller was so incensed about the whitewash of Barr's final decision, he wrote a letter to Barr stating so. This letter was in Barr's hand long before the public and Congress found out and Barr outright lied when asked if he knew what Mueller's concerns were while under oath. Of course, Barr said the question asked before Congress did not specifically refer to Mueller but others under Mueller, so he was able to dodge it. Of course, Barr knew what was being referred to, he simply played dumb to save his ass. He deliberately misled the Congress.

Barr then went on to state that unless it rose to the criminal level with regards to Trump's actions, it was nothing to worry about. It was fine. What about the morality of Trump's actions? His 10,000 lies over the past two years. About his evasive answers he gave Mueller, his wanting to have his White House attorney to create a false story and have the Asst. AG get rid of Mueller. Barr split hairs when it came to this issue, stating "get rid" is not the same as "fire him".

Now, Barr refuses to testify before Congress since many of them are also attorney's. Graham, the Senate's leader on this issue, also Republican, refuses to call the White House attorney who has rebuked Trump's version of what discussions they had between them. I wonder why, LOL.

Barr should just resign or get impeached for lying to Congress. What Barr did with Mueller's report was to spin the narrative so any damage to his boss, Trump, was minimal. When talking about obstruction, Mueller, lays out a well outlined series of potential obstructions with a few of them that could be called attempted obstruction, which is illegal in other cases had it NOT involved a president of a country. Most legal experts agree with this. Barr is Trump's man and to think any other result would have happened is wishful thinking since Republicans have no desire to turn on their man. They will do everything and anything to spin the truth to protect Trump. Truth no longer matters in the Trump sphere and orbit.

Trump continues to obstruct openly. He has told his staff within the WH to not cooperate with the Congress investigation and their subpoenas. Trump has said they will never get his tax returns and so on. Mueller has written the summaries for Barr to use and release, yet, Barr wrote his own spun version of Mueller's summaries and released those. No doubt, Barr whitewashed Mueller's summaries to protect his boss.

Barr is still the leading man to handle the remaining 14 investigations that are ongoing and refused to recuse himself, as Sessions did, which annoyed Trump. You know how that will end already: Trump was falsely accused and there is no evidence to support the allegations.

Mueller was angry enough to write a letter to Barr about how Barr was handling his two year report. Barr simply dismissed it and went on his own mission to protect and defend Trump. However, Mueller may have the last say about this because we know Congress wants to hear him and hear from McGhann, Trump's WH attorney. One can hear Trump claiming executive privilege to prevent McGhann from testifying and Mueller being unable to testify in front of Congress.

When anyone tries to had the truth for whatever reason, they look guilty and this creates just more suspicion. Trump's tax returns and the obstruction issues all have this typhoon of motives.

Obviously, Trump thinks he is above the law and his Republican party could care less about the rule of law. America has descended into this abyss that never ends.


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