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Trump's Brilliant Folly in Syria

Updated on October 17, 2019

Speechless in Syria

President Trump has been thinking of doing the dramatic for some time. This will help divert attention away from the impeachment inquiry that is building and will show voters that he kept his word about ending "endless wars" that have no US interest. So, in his "all knowing" mind, he knew the minds of his military advisers and most Republican supporters, so there was little need of further discussions regarding Syria. He knew knew Turkey had been ready to launch their Operation Peace Spring for over six months and that he was the only one holding them back because of the few American soldiers in outposts along the border. This force, however small, actually was the stabilizing force to some degree in that part of Syria.

Trump decided on Oct. 6th and told the president of Turkey of the withdrawal and there would be no interference from the US. While Trump claims he did not give a "green light" to Turkey for the invasion into Syria, knowing what Trump knew, it was a tacit approval to do whatever the hell Turkey wants to do. Removing the US troops removed the only thing holding Turkey back. So, it is political spin that Trump did not give the green light. The only thing Trump wanted to do is remove some troops to appease his own and his base because few others in both parties thought it was a good move.

It was a brilliantly stupid move. So, Trump is correct about the brilliant part. Now, like a fool, the US has handed all the bad actors dominance in the region, namely Russia, Iran, Syria. The depth of the betrayal to the Kurds simply caught everyone in a shocked state. Trump is simply disgraceful when it comes to making America great again in regards to foreign policy.

The US Congress, in a bipartisan vote of over 300 to 60, condemned Trump for this decision. And while Trump removed maybe a hundred or so Americans from the outposts along the Syrian-Turk border, he deployed over 3000 in Saudi Arabia to defend them. Why? Oh, yeah, Trump Tower and other real estate deals his sons are making despite Trump promising no new deals would be made during his tenure in office. Meanwhile, Trumps sanctions on Iran are turning into a folly also because China, who imports most of Iran's oil, has their oil tankers AIS monitors turned off to hide their identity. Their fleet of around 35 tankers have denied this but at least 14 have according to maritime shipping controls.

When the Turkish 4th, 11th Commando Brigades and the 5th Tank Brigade crossed the border on Oct. 9, it caused a mass hysteria and refugees to flee further into Syria. The The Kurdish Army sought a deal with Syria and Russia to defend them and Russian troops acted as a buffer once the Americans handed over their bases to them. The President of Turkey has vowed to continue the operation until all the objectives are completed, meaning, targeting ethnic and the YPG, which fought for the Americans against ISIS.

America did not leave all of Syria. There remains 1000 troops along the Syrian-Jordan border to stop Iran. If these are also removed, America will have abandoned a key area allowing for Russia, Iran, and Turkey to control the area. Just like the Book of Revelations clearly states in the End Times.


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