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Trump's Game of Chicken with Border Security

Updated on January 7, 2019
He will reap what he sows
He will reap what he sows

More Fake News from All the President's Men

In an effort to get the Democrats to fund the border wall, fence, barrier, electronic detection (call it whatever you want), President Trump presented more fake news and lies to the American people in a primetime speech geared to "freak" out Americans. The crisis on the border is ONLY in the minds of Trump's zealots and in Trump and his yes men. Yes, there is a real problem, but it is not even close to being a national emergency in real terms, say, like a nuclear armed North Korea, or the recent comments from China's Xi telling his military to "prepare for war" over Taiwan or South China Sea, the most likely flashpoints with America!

Trump is using the media as his own weapon to frame and influence public opinion in hopes to shame the U.S. Congress unwilling to give him his $5 billion dollars. Even to a reasonable Trump supporter, there are no real facts that support Trump claims. Yet, Trump who is not remotely being hurt by the shutdown that he is proud of could care less about the Americans out of work because of the shutdown. This whole pathetic event in American history is just about Trump and how he will do anything, hurt anyone, to win. He wants his supporters to blame the American Congress, when Trump could have avoided the shutdown be agreeing to 2.5 billion for the wall.

Facts show that far more illegal immigration does not happen across the U.S. border but does happen with the millions of people who remain here with expired visas, lost in country. That IS a real fact. But, why did not Trump get the funding for wall when the Republicans controlled the Senate and Congress in the last two years? Fact is, not all Republicans fully supported Trump's claim and when it came to vote for the funding, it failed.

When Trump and his surrogates claim the crisis on the border, even fact checks by Fox (his news media) do not support what the President claims. When reporters has for the facts and their sources, the response is to obfuscate or they try to make the crisis fit weak facts.

Trump's reasoning for the wall is child-like. Yes, a barrier is good and does help and there is need for it in some areas of the border. But, so are more border patrol personnel, drones, infrared devices, judges to resolve issues. The crisis along the border is a false alarm made by a false prophet. The situation has not got worse and just because images show large groups approaching the border, they're not getting through judging from the large detention camps.

The wall is just a symbol to Trump and his followers, some perverted way of thinking that it will solve America's complex immigration mess. It does not even if Trump goes there for a photo op. This is nothing more than a PR blitz so Trump can win.

I think most Americans are smarter than Trump when it comes to his wall.


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