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Trump's Middle East Plan: Buy the Palestinians

Updated on June 24, 2019

Many leaks have yielded what Trump and his cohorts are proposing to solve the ancient biblical issue between the Jews and Palestinians and the land they both claim is theirs.

Since 1948, many wars have been fought over land area occupied by Israel between Arab Palestinians and Jews. The current two state situation has been like this for years and most likely will remain, much to the displeasure of the Palestinians that occupy the Gaza area under the eye of Israel.

Enter Trump and Jared Kushner

POTUS has given the new Middle East peace agreement attempt to his son-in-law, a neophyte in international negotiations and knowledge. Yes, how naive is Trump's thinking? But, this is what Kushner offers as a solution to the age old biblical dispute:

  • The Palestinians in Gaza will get no new land to expand
  • The Palestinians will get $50 billion of funds from numerous countries to make Gaza a paradise
  • There will be no Palestinian state
  • None of the lands that Israel has annexed from past wars will be given back, Israel will get to keep them
  • The capital of Israel will be Jerusalem
  • Israel is allowed to annex parts of the West Bank
  • Trump will continue to halt funding that educates and feeds displaced Palestinians
  • A million new jobs will be created for Palestinians over 10 years
  • $27 billion will be spent on the West Bank and Gaza
  • Between $6-9 billion will be spent for Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon
  • There is no two state solution
  • The plan will reduce Palestinian poverty by 50%

The plan has already been flatly rejected by all Palestinians and Hamas living in the Gaza zone. Trump is trying to solved the biblical issue with money by tossing the billions at the Palestinians while totally ignoring their political demands they have cited for years. The plan is obviously pro-Israel. Many of the would-be donors are Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, which are dubious about many of the conditions. But, the real irony is that the $50 billion sum is just a pledge, no country, not even the USA, has actually provided any funds. So, Trump tries to buy the peace with billions and the Palestinians have to accept without any guarantee that the money pledged will actually be given!

Much of the money is hoped to be coming from Europe and Arab nations but is unclear why they would contribute billions to this sketchy plan when they have their own issues at home. Also, what benefit do the donating countries receive for their contribution? It is possible that even Russia or China might contribute, which would be odd bedfellows for USA and Israel, as what would they expect in return? Military bases in Palestinian land?

By Trump rejecting the two state solution and proposing this, it is doomed to failure should it actually happen. The Palestinians should have their own defined country to end the biblical horror that continues on.


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