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Trumps Money

Updated on June 25, 2016
The burden of being a billionaire
The burden of being a billionaire | Source

DO NOT look behind the curtain

Donald Trump is stuck, and in more ways than one... The Trump book tour and self promotional campaign that began as a joke and evolved into a Republican nightmare seems to have caught everyone off guard, and no one more so than The Donald himself. He obviously never expected to win the Republican nomination (at least not at first) and definitely did not plan on actually spending money doing it.

Now he is stuck. To save face, he has to deal with the reality of a modern presidential campaign, which means raising and spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Reports say that his campaign began June of this year with just over a million dollars in the bank. That is pocket change for Hillary Clinton, who plans on spending upwards of a half a billion dollars in her effort to defeat him.

Trump won the nomination on the cheap, spending very little on television ads due to his massive free coverage on network and cable news. He shunned and shamed traditional fundraising and instead hawked his Trump hats and other gear to pay his way. Well, a million 15 dollar hats is still only 15 million dollars, and that doesn't even come close to the cost of operating his plane, let alone financing his campaign in the general election. So he has to eat some crow and lean on the Republican National Committee to help him out, as well as having to schmooze the fat cat donors that despise him.

All of this is going on just as America is waking up to the notion that Mr. Trump is actually a charlatan and a con artist. Evidence is rapidly mounting that many of his economic ventures have been scams, from the defunct and discredited Trump University, to the failed casinos that he skimmed and left to rot, to the Trump branded steaks that no longer exist, but managed to show up in a photo op a few months ago.

He has trails of unpaid bills and lawsuits that, when taken together, point to a person that no one with any common sense would ever do business with. So who is going to donate money to his campaign? The only real base he has left is dumb, white racist blue collar workers, but they don't tend to have a lot of money. He will get some cash from the true Hillary Haters, some of whom might donate millions to a Super Pac, though grudgingly.

So this is where Trump is really trapped. He is going to have to spend HUGE amounts of his own personal fortune to put up a real fight against Clinton, an option he didn't seem to consider in the beginning, and, I think, he might balk at, especially if it looks like he might lose.

If he were running against anyone but Hillary Clinton, I would say that he is the most doomed politician in recent American history since Jimmy Carter. Though he has done and said so many things that would have killed off any other candidate long ago, Trump still has a chance if he is willing to spend the brass to do it. We'll see how that goes.


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