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Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

Updated on January 31, 2017

Protests across many American airports are playing havoc as they protest President Trump's Muslim travel ban from suspected countries with terrorist sources. These seven countries are truly terrorist countries where extremists have attacked American interests. Somalia, home to the African al-Qaeda group that provided the material for the movie, Black Hawk Down. Iran, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and Libya are all homes to terrorist groups that happen to be Muslim.

Trump's Muslim ban is just that-for the only exception to it is if you are NOT Muslim and coming from one of these seven countries. Christian refugees from these countries will get priority. But, there is much confusion over Trump's executive order because there was little planning or vetting out this. The problem with this plan is that:

  • It excludes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Israel, Turkey, home to millions of Muslims. Trump excluded these because he has business interests and activities in them. Now, there is a conflict of interest with Trump's businesses and American policy. His businesses would be hurt if they had been included. Trump's businesses will benefit from this. Turkey is part of NATO, but ISIS has been free to travel through it.
  • The 9/11 incident had all terrorists from Saudi Arabia and UAE. Yet, Trump excluded these countries because of his businesses there and because of American interests.Wherever there is a Trump hotel, that country is not on the list!
  • In the past, America's Middle East friends have often turned against us when it benefits them.
  • The lack of exceptions indicates a careless thought process. Truly, Muslim Iraqis who served with American soldiers there in the field for years should have an automatic exception. These people have already been thoroughly vetted for 1-2 years before they were allowed to serve in the field. Further vetting is not needed for these. This exception should be applied to anyone who served American forces or Embassies in those countries Trump banned.
  • Another exception should be Muslim children. Muslim men and women present a problem since the recent San Bernadino terrorist attack that killed 14 was from a Muslim woman and man (not from any of the seven countries) using a K1 visa.
  • Trump's ban ignores that fact that most of the terror attacks within the USA have been from American citizens or those legally here that have been radicalized. It ignores this danger from within. It is fear mongering.
  • Trump is acting like a monarch using executive orders where thousands of people are impacted with little regard.

Trump's "America first" policy is just now starting. It is already challenged by many and supported by others. It is a battle that will be ongoing for the next four years. There is no king that governs America, that is why America was born- to be independent from England. President Trump has a steep learning curve and already has mounting opposition each step he takes. His hasty executive order has created a sea of confusion because there is no process for those with Green Cards returning and almost zero exceptions. There are 60,000 refugees in a limbo state, many have been vetted 1-2 years.

The reason why many think this is not a Muslim ban is because there are many Muslim countries not on it. But, because the only exception to the ban is for non-Muslims from these countries, some think the American court will overturn President Trump on religious grounds.

Are you in favor with Trump's Muslim ban?

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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 months ago

      If Trump has any business in Pakistan, that could be why. The same question if of Egypt, Saudi, and UAE. Terrorists can from anywhere and from within. Trump will no doubt make exceptions to make it acceptable to Republicans who may vote against it for repeal. These exceptions would have allowed those detained entry in the US at the airports had they been in place.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 7 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Interesting take on Trump's order. I think it will remain, but will not serve American interests. It could have had some value if all Muslim nations were included. Why did he leave out Pakistan? So a little half-baked scheme that will not destroy radical Islam.