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Trump's Policy on North Korea and Iran

Updated on May 2, 2018


President Trump has got what he wanted - a world stage event when Trump will meet and talk with the leader of North Korea on denuclearization. In the previous months before this event, both leaders continually bashed each other with name calling and threats. North Korea was not sure if Trump was bluffing or a real nut case that would follow through with actions, such as, attacking NK either covertly or not. On the other hand, NK had already achieved their goals in becoming a nuclear power with over 20+ bombs and a means to deliver them to American interests or mainland USA.

It became a face to face stand-off. Both leaders were like crazy lunatics in their public positions. The USA could not just attack NK without real threats, and NK called Trump's bluff about that when they fired additional missiles after Trump threatened to attack. But, NK was still not sure if Trump REALLY would attack. China probably advised NK that Trump would attack if NK persisted in firing missiles towards Guam or Japan. The last thing China wants is a war on their doorstep and America crossing the DMZ again.

Trump deserves credit for getting NK to the table but now he must deliver. If NK continues its nuclear development after concessions have been given, Trump fails. If they come to the table and Trump acts like a bully, the other bully in the room will simply walk away, or Trump will walk away. In either case, it fails. Because Trump has said he is a "great negotiator" he must deliver but anything short of a NK denuclearization (which is unlikely) is a failure to his ego. What will he give away to achieve success?


Iran is an entirely different beast. Iran had fooled the world for years about their secret nuclear ambitions. Their connection with NK is well documented and continues. NK sells them rocket technology and nuclear bomb development in covert methods. They are the "Bad Boys".

The Iran deal signed by both parties was the best it could be but seriously flawed. The flaw is that after a period of time, Iran can resume its development of ICBM's and nuclear weapons. Until then, it is monitored by inspections that Iran allows and controls. Of course, few in the West believe that Iran has stopped its development. If they were able to do this secretly for years before being discovered, then, they are surely doing it now even with the agreement. Iran can get rocket technology from Russia or China. Both sell their weapons to Iran. It is possible that Iran already has a few small nuclear bombs hidden they just cannot mount them on missiles yet.

Trump has threatened to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement signed a few years ago. What then? Iran will then not abide by the terms and resume its development and reach their nuclearization within a few years and toss them to Israel or Saudi Arabia. Trump and the West will be in disarray what to do. Attacking Iran would just begin a regional war. Russia would be involved since Syria is base. France, USA, and Israel would be forced to be heavily involved. It would be an Armageddon.

What does Trump plan to do? He has nothing to offer Iran, except to remove all sanctions imposed on it. Iran has been able to function with them, so that offer seems moot. Any attack upon Iran would simply reinforce the Russian-Iranian alliance. Trump seems to think Iran will renegotiate the terms of the agreement so the USA will have the better terms. Iran would never allow that and it is naive of Trump to think so.

The bottom line to Iran is that Trump really has nothing better than the flawed agreement already signed. Military options are simply catastrophic.


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