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Trump's Retribution on Sanctuary Cities

Updated on April 14, 2019

President Trump states he is seriously considering his solution to sanctuary cities, his staff indicates otherwise due to legality issues. But, Trump wants to bus the thousands of asylum seekers and others to these sanctuary cities that defend them from ICE who are trying to deport them.

On one hand, these cities are indirectly breaking the law by not informing ICE that an illegal or other has been detained and this would allow ICE to come and take custody. What happens now is that the city simply releases them if the detention is administrative or misdemeanor.

On the other hand, the separation between federal and state law is strong and clear. The federal government cannot dictate to states or cities on many issues, so these cities do have the right to ignore ICE requests or a right to not inform ICE of a suspect detention.

President Trump and 50% of his followers hate this restriction. Personally, I feel the statutes or policy must be changed mandating local law authorities inform ICE when a suspect is detained. Some cities are more friendly than not to illegals or legals with serious records. Immigration law is federal and does supersede state law, or should, if a conflict occurs.

Trump's Plan

Trump is a vindictive, despicable man, when he does not get his way. He will use any method to somehow circumvent establish law to get his way. He has tweeted many times his contempt for sanctuary cities. He despises them very much and now he feels he can bus thousands of asylum seekers and others to these cities across America and dumping them and let these cities deal with the issue. This would make him happy for the hardship it could cause on the immigrants and the cities that defend them. For Trump, it would be a "payback".

If this were to occur, how would this happen? One can see horrid scenes of relocation buses leaving detaining stations and upon arriving in a sanctuary city, just dump them off. But where? What if the city opposed the buses with a police force? Would ICE agents back down which would embarrass Trump?

Some cities may or may not welcome them. Cities that accept them would have an influx they may not be able to handle on a humanitarian level and seek federal aid, which Trump could deny. The state where the city is located could file lawsuits against the Trump administration. If the city was able to handle the immigrants as they wait for asylum or resolution of legal status, this retribution attempt by Trump would backfire.

Trump's plan to bus people to sanctuary cities is dangerous on many levels and would only cause more chaos to a collapsing immigration system, a system that Trump could easily fix:

  • Appoint more immigration judges
  • Continue to prove aid to those countries where most come from
  • Deal with the problem at its source, which is not at the U.S.-Mexico border
  • Help Mexico seal its southern border to Latin America
  • Build additional fences where needed according to needs
  • Change current immigration policy and law so families are not detained as they wait resolution and must come back within 2-3 weeks

But, Trump is not interested because he is, in his heart, anti-immigrant, for whatever reason.He is playing to his base supporters because 2020 is not far off. He feeds his supporters with just more lies or truths as he sees them and they just feed on it. If Trump was pro-immigration, the issue would have been well on its way in being solved. For Trump, it is once again, all about him.


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