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Ban on Muslim countries - does it really make us safe?

Updated on January 28, 2017

False sense of safety?

President Trump just signed an executive order banning immigration from these seven countries - Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

There is still debate over whether it's fair or not and whether it's humane or not, and humanitarian agencies are fighting that fight.

But following countries are not banned - Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia and they have been involved in terrorism activities in America before. This brings up the question whether this is actually making us safe or if it just establishes a false sense of safety.

Allegedly, Trump has business dealings in the countries not banned. But its also possible that another execute order is on the way. In either case, we should be consistent and honest in our policies to truly make sure that we are safe

Watch the daily show video with a grain of salt

Video from daily show captures these concerns really well, ignore the funny stuff, it may or may not be in bad taste depending on which side we are on of this issue. But the point whether tihis executive order actually does anything or is it just for optics still stands

Daily show video highlighting some of these concerns

Telegraph's article

Below article from telegraph provides some perspective into the immediate problems people from these 7 countries will run into because of the ban

Ban on Muslim countries is only for optics?

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    • profile image

      Ghost 11 months ago

      I understand that the obama administration identified the 7 pro terrorist countries last year? CNN or similar article noted that fact?? So what is all this stuff about trump hotels in other countries being the reason they were not on the so called "Muslim ban " list when it was an old obama team made list that had never been actioned.

      Trump team took surprisingly quick action. I agree with that and the concern regarding how well thought out the travel ban move was ..

    • ana2693 profile image

      ana2693 11 months ago

      nahh even you ban muslim countries . evil is everywhere.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 11 months ago from Australia

      The ban doesn't apply to countries with trump hotels. Funny.