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Trump’s policies and propaganda are dangerous to the world and the US.

Updated on February 8, 2017

Trump’s policies and propaganda are dangerous to the US and the world.

Trump defending Putin’s killing is reprehensible and Retired US Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey put Trump in place.

Trump has demeaned Mexico which is dangerous to us. Trump’s executive order about his disastrous wall plot will force us to pay $15 billion. Trump initially mentioned taxing Mexico products, before his advisors withdrew that stupid plan. Trump has threatened to bring US troops into Mexico.

Trump’s Muslim ban will make it harder for us to combat terrorism. Trump’s tweet that the Muslim ban was rushed is an admission that it wasn’t done properly. Trump attacking Judge Robart jeopardizes our legal system.

Bannon was named to the NSC by sliding a paper under Trump’s nose which he didn’t read before signing.

Trump is lying about the Yemeni raid.

Trump’s lies about the crowd size was stupid. Kellyanne Conway’s “alternate facts” remark shows the contempt Trump’s team has for the US. Kellyanne Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre” lies are emblematic of their contempt for truth.

Trump will lie about anything for his gain.

Trump defending Putin’s killing is reprehensible.

The article “Retired general says Trump's defense of Putin is 'the most anti-American statement ever made' by a president” states “Retired US Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey slammed President Donald Trump's defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, calling it "the most anti-American statement ever made by the president of the United States."

In an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, Trump seemed to defend Putin when O'Reilly called him a "killer" by saying that the US has "made a lot of mistakes" as well.

"We've got a lot of killers," Trump said. "Boy, you think our country's so innocent? You think our country's so innocent?"

McCaffrey blasted Trump's statement.

"I'm actually incredulous that the president would make a statement like that," McCaffrey told MSNBC on Monday. "One could argue that's the most anti-American statement ever made by the president of the United States."”

We need to know what the status of investigations into Russia’s role in helping Trump in the 2016 election.

The article “Three Of The President’s Associates Are Under Investigation (Russia)” states “We already know that the Intelligence Community has been investigating Russia’s hacking of US websites associated with both campaigns and its efforts to meddle in US presidential elections in order to influence the outcome. But it appears that there is more scrutiny being applied to how deep Russia’s involvement ended up being regarding US election process.

On 1/12/17 Paul Wood of BBC News posted a story about ongoing investigations regarding the US president’s administration, “Trump ‘compromising’ claims: How and why did we get here?” I have been blogging for months about possible conflicts of interest issues between President Trump and his business ties to Russia. It appears that there are ongoing investigations regarding our president, his surrogates and their interactions with Russia officials.

“I understand the CIA believes it is credible that the Kremlin has such kompromat – or compromising material – on the next US commander in chief. At the same time a joint taskforce, which includes the CIA and the FBI, has been investigating allegations that the Russians may have sent money to Mr Trump’s organisation or his election campaign.””

We need to investigate what Russia has on Trump.

The article “Pelosi Calls On FBI To Investigate Trump's Ties To Russia” states “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Sunday for an investigation into President Donald Trump's personal and business ties to Russia.

"I want to know what the Russians have on Donald Trump," Pelosi said in an interview on NBC News' "Meet The Press."

"We have to have that investigation by the FBI into his financial, personal and political connections to Russia, and we want to see his tax returns so we can have truth in the relationship between Putin, whom he admires, and Trump," she said.”

We need to have Trump’s taxes so we can determine what Putin’s hold over him is.

Trump has demeaned Mexico which is dangerous to us.

The article “'A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation': Trump Moves Forward With U.S.-Mexico Wall” states “President Trump has signed two executive orders related to immigration and border security, moving ahead with his plans to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and to deport people who are in the country illegally….

The cost of building such a wall has been estimated at least $12 billion and perhaps $15 billion for a single-layer barrier.”

The article “Trump's idea for Mexican wall tax is illegal and would hurt US” states “Donald Trump might want to impose a 20% tariff on Mexican imports as the best way to force Mexico to pay for a border wall.

According to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, a tax on Mexican imports will "easily pay for the wall."

Spicer later seemed to walk back on the comments, saying it was just one of the many ideas the administration is considering for funding the wall.

It sounds so easy and simple. Build a physical wall and pay for it with a tariff wall.

But there is nothing easy about such a tax increase; what Trump conveniently ignores is that any tax on Mexican imports would be passed on to US consumers, manufacturers and exporters. One way or another, we will pay for that wall……

Like any trade war, everyone loses with Trump's proposed tariff wall. US consumers lose by paying more for Mexican products. US manufacturers lose due to dramatic increases in their supply chain costs. And US exporters lose when Mexico retaliates (as it surely will) on more than $236 billion in US exports.

When Trump says that Mexico will reimburse us to build a wall, what he really means is that US taxpayers will pay for the wall now, and US consumers will pay for the wall later.”

The article “President Trump Warns Mexico He Might Send U.S. Troops to Take Care of 'Bad Hombres'” states “President Donald Trump warned in a phone call with his Mexican counterpart that he was ready to send U.S. troops to stop "bad hombres down there" unless the Mexican military does more to control them, according to an excerpt of a transcript of the conversation obtained by The Associated Press.”

How can this bellicose attitude towards Mexico be good for the US? We can ask the same question about his pugnacious remarks about Australia also.

Trump’s Muslim ban will make it harder for us to combat terrorism.

The article “President Trump’s immigration ban only weakens America’s effort to fight terrorism” lists the reasons why Trump’s Muslim ban is wrong as “First, this policy will make it harder for U.S. intelligence and military personnel to do their jobs effectively. It is a fundamental reality, ignored by Team Trump, that Muslims play a key role in the fight against radical terrorists…..

Second, this policy would not have stopped any of the high-profile terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11. That’s because the nations targeted by Trump have not actually supplied most of the terrorists who have inflicted harm on Americans in the United States…..

Last, a racist order banning Muslims from entering the United States is the greatest recruitment tool that ISIS or any anti-American group will ever need.”

The article “Trump: I Wanted to Delay Travel Ban a Month” states “President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he originally wanted to delay his temporary travel ban for a month, but was convinced by law enforcement advisers to push the implementation of his executive order so nefarious actors wouldn’t rush into the U.S. ahead of the deadline.”

The article “President Trump’s Attacks on the Courts Show the Need for an Independent Supreme Court Nominee with Bipartisan Support” states “In his first two weeks in office, President Donald Trump has shown an alarming disregard for the courts and the constitutional limits on his power. He has banned refugees and Muslims from certain countries; fired an attorney general; possiblyprofited from his presidency; threatened to block funding to jurisdictions that limit entanglement between local police and federal immigration enforcement; and questioned the legitimacy of U.S. District Court Judge James Robart, who temporarily halted his Muslim ban.

The president referred to Judge Robart, appointed by President George W. Bush, as a “so-called judge.” Trump suggested Judge Robart would be responsible if a terrorist attack were to occur: “If something happens blame him and court system.” There were also reports of federal officials refusing to obey earlier court orders pertaining to the Muslim ban, including an order protecting the right to counsel for lawful permanent residents.

President Trump’s attacks on judges undermine judicial independence—the very foundation of a coequal branch of government. Under the Constitution’s separation of powers, the courts define the constitution and its limits on the authority of the other branches of government. Since the president’s party controls Congress, the courts will be crucial to ensuring that Trump does not violate the Constitution.”

Bannon was named to the NSC by sliding a paper under Trump’s nose which he didn’t read before signing.

The article “Donald Trump 'didn't realise he promoted Steve Bannon to National Security Council when he signed order'” states “Amid signs that Donald Trump began his presidency with the same chaotic operation that marked his campaign, a report has claimed he was not even aware he was elevating Steve Bannon to a senior security post when he signed one of several executive orders.”

Trump is lying about the Yemeni raid.

The article ”BOTCHED RAID ---- Humiliation for Trump as Yemen ‘BANS raids blitzing Al Qaeda bases’ after new president’s first raid killed little girl and US marine” states “YEMEN has reportedly demanded the US halt ground operations in its country unless they have permission after a raid green-lighted by Donald Trump killed civilians….

The unnamed official said: “That’s what happens when a mission goes wrong.

“From the intelligence we have, conducting a raid was the wrong option and failure was written all over it.

“The only side that gained is al Qaeda.””

This is the raid that Trump had Sean Spicer lauding as a success.

The article“White House says McCain owes apology for saying Yemen raid not a success” states “McCain released a statement late Tuesday night saying that many of the objectives in the raid in Yemen, which killed 14 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorists and collected some intelligence, were met, but that it shouldn't be deemed successful if an American died.

"I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success," McCain said.”

Trump’s lies about the crowd size was stupid.

The article ”Conway: Trump White House offered 'alternative facts' on crowd size” states “White House press secretary Sean Spicer's false claims about the size of the crowd at President Donald Trump's inauguration were "alternative facts," a top Trump aide said Sunday.

In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," host Chuck Todd pressed Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway about why the White House on Saturday had sent Spicer to the briefing podium for the first time to claim that "this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period."

"You're saying it's a falsehood. And they're giving -- Sean Spicer, our press secretary -- gave alternative facts," she said.”

Conway’s ‘Bowling Green massacre’ propaganda.

The article“Kellyanne Conway’s explanation for the ‘Bowling Green massacre’ was also a lie” states “If Kellyanne Conway had any credibility left, it may have just evaporated.

After she invented the “Bowling Green Massacre” in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews last week, she argued that she “misspoke one word.” There were, in fact, two Iraqi refugees who lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky who tried to send weapons to Iraq, but they never attacked anyone on U.S. soil. “I should have said ‘plot’ or I should have just called them terrorists,” she explained to Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

But Conway did not misspeak. In fact, revealed Monday that she used the exact same talking point in an interview given days previously. The magazine had not originally printed her quote referencing the “Bowling Green massacre,” but has shared it in the wake of her using it on MSNBC.

Here’s how Conway defended her argument that President Obama called for a “ban on Iraqi refugees” — which he didn’t actually do:

He did, it’s a fact. Why did he do that? He did that for exactly the same reasons. He did that because two Iraqi nationals came to this country, joined ISIS, traveled back to the Middle East to get trained and refine their terrorism skills and come back here and were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre of taking innocent soldiers’ lives away.”

Conway is lying about the Bowling Green massacre to support Trump’s stupid Muslim ban.

Trump will lie about anything for his gain.

Trump started out lying to the country about President Obama’s birth certificate. He has lied about crowd sizes, three to five million illegal voters, Putin and lately the Yemen raid. Whenever the media doesn’t agree with his lies he accuses them of being “fake news”. Trump wants us to disbelieve the media in order that we might be more susceptible to swallowing his propaganda. God help us all.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Just an aside: what is $15 billion for a wall and extra border security when compared to the $10 TRILLION of new debt Obama gave us in just 8 years, especially if there are ways to penalize Mexico for their lack of emigration controls that are saddling the USA's taxpayers with billions and billions of unrecoverable costs arising from illegal immigrants and drug cartels exploiting the porous southern border?


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