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Trump's second week: some Republicans are anxious

Updated on January 31, 2017

Down-hill slide for Mr. Trump continues

Mr. Trump's Twitter-Political Ideological approach to governing the United States of America will surely bring him and our wonderful country to grief if things are allowed to run their course.

We are approaching the midpoint of Mr. Trump's second week as the President of the United States of America, and in my lifetime I have never seen our country in such a serious dilemma. The majority of Americans are fearful and are rapidly losing hope that Mr. Trump will eventually "come to himself." People are thinking, Mr. Trump is already "at himself," which is not a good thing. Continuing on this destructive pathway will cause him to go down is History as being the worse president that America has ever had.

One of Mr. Trump's statements in his initial speeches after he had won the election was, "I will be here, as president for 2 years, 4 years or 8 years." Maybe he could see the handwriting on the wall, even from "Election Day, 2016," that he may only be in the Office of President for 2 years.

If this situation, within this great country of the United States of America, does not improve, quickly, within the next few weeks or so, Mr. Trump could find himself facing the same grave situation that Mr. Richard Nixon faced, as he was force to leave the White House on the President's Helicopter. I will never forget the sight, of Mr. Nixon, boarding the Helicopter, waving good-bye to world, as he departed the White House in shame.

Nobody wants to see any president go through this shameful experience, but Mr. Trump is "digging a hole" for himself, and he refuses to stop the digging.

Mr. Trump has a deep, militaristic instinct, deep within his heart, that causes he to come across as a cold, hateful person. His use of confrontation and chaos to attempt to siege control of America, a very cold and hateful leadership approach, sometimes works in a third world countries, but it will not work in America. America is an elite democratic country where the vast majority of its citizens will not allow a President who appears "antisocial" and "heartless, to survive for very long.

Mr. Trump will not be able to "endure to the end" of a 4 year presidency unless he turn from evil ways. Methods of leadership, that he has thus far displayed as he finds himself in his second week of a problematic tour of duty as "Commander in Chief" of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, will not help him "endure to the end. He has to learn very quickly, that along with the great Honor that Americans have given him comes Great Responsibility.

He has fired people from their jobs this week and he will be firing more in the immediate days to come as people continue to stand up to him. People stand up to him because he is wrong is his thinking and actions. And he fires them. He will destroy all who stand against him. This was the way it was during his campaign for President, and this is the way it will continue as he moves forward as President of the United States of America, week after week after week.

Americans will continue to fight, "tooth and nails," against the tyrannical behavior that Mr.Trump displays towards Americans. The fight will go on, week after week after week, unrelentingly, until we find ourselves "standing at the end" of all of this "hate and discontentment." Eventually, "when the dust settles," and the troubles of the Country are gone, we will notice that Mr. Trump is gone also.

Most Americans are not happy with our present situation. We deserve better than this. We deserve far better than this. What is the problem. All Americans who have eyes to see, clearly, knows what the problem is. Mr. Trump, himself, only, fails to comprehend what the problem is. God bless his soul!

As my Dad would say, at this moment, it appears, "That we Americans are all going to Hell in a Hand-basket.

My God!

What a pity!


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