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Trump's speech to Congress

Updated on March 1, 2017
President Trump hard at work in the Oval Office
President Trump hard at work in the Oval Office | Source
Nancy Pilosi, House Minority Leader shook her head at Trump's mention of Obamacare
Nancy Pilosi, House Minority Leader shook her head at Trump's mention of Obamacare | Source

Probably few US Presidents in history have been as controversial in saying things no other predecessor would dare say like Donald John Trump. Certainly Obama chose his words carefully unless really pushed but Trump is far to the extreme of Obama in his actions and sayings so far which have divided those who support him and those who deride him.

His on going war with the press unless they are Trump supporting media is carrying on. With those he derides as spreading malicious lies about him (BBC, CNN) or "Fake News" as he calls it being barred from press conferences at the White House.

It seems in his first address to Congress Trump may have been trying to calm the stormy waters he has caused. Right from the get go he said the time for "Small thinking" and "Trivial fights" was over and declared a renewal of the "American Spirit" whatever that is.

A widow whose husband was killed in a raid on Al - Qaeda in Yemen chocked back tears as she listened to him. Her husband a special forces soldier was the one casualty the Americans had inflicted on them by Al - Qaeda in an other wise sterling and successful operation against the Islamic extremists.

Trump as mentioned earlier never shying away from controversy was when he mentioned in his speech of replacing Obamacare. He had made this one of his planks in his election campaign and now asked Congress to carry this out. Trump outlined that Obamacare was way too expensive and that Trumpcare if you will (Am I the first to call it this?) would be fairer to those who accessed it and deliver cheaper better health care. Nancy Pilosi who created Obamacare with the President of the same name shook her head when she heard Trump say this.

Trump said the USA needed "Unity and strength" and he announced he would be lifting the restrictions on Iraqis and possibly Syrians in visiting the United States. The original ban on people coming from 7 Muslim countries was blocked by judges but a new amended one will be signed into law by Trump soon with the restrictions on Iraqis and Syrians (probably) lifted in this new ban also. As Trump's speech drew to a close his fellow Republicans rose to their feet and audibly applauded him (even though some have not seen eye to eye with him) while Democrats did the opposite.

As for the comparisons to Republican predecessor Ronald Reagan there are many similarities and of course differences. But Trump will ramp up those similarities to serve him well with the American people and people as well as leaders abroad as he did in his meeting with Theresa May portraying himself and May as the new Reagan and Thatcher.

Whether Trump will be in office as long as Reagan remains to be seen and has his speech done enough to allay fears of people in his own party and not will also remain to be seen.

Short Bio of Nancy Pelosi

1) Born in Maryland, Baltimore, USA in 1940

2) Aged approximately 76 years of age

3) Minority House Leader in House of Representatives

4) Education attended Trinity Washington University in 1962 and Institute of Notre Dame

5) Has held other political and distinguished offices

6) Christine, Alexandra, Paul Jr, Jacqueline, Nancy and Corrine are her grown up children all surnamed Pelosi

7) She has received Glamour Woman of The Year and Glamour Special Recognition Awards

8) Represents California's 12th Congressional District

9) Was a strong ally of Barrack Obama

10) Co - created Obamacare with the President


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 9 months ago from Blackpool

      Thanks for your comments

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 9 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Ahhhh Duh! Howdy cowboys & name is Nancy Pelosi! Let's all hop on our ponies and go for a ride to a place I love~~ "La La Land," where anyone can be anything....while still maintaining Moron status!! Just look at me!! Yahooooooooo! LOOK OUT! My pony is outta control.....Oh never mind....I'm outta control OH HO HO HA HA HA!!!

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 9 months ago

      CNN's poll indicated that 70% of Americans feel much better about Trump after having heard his State of the Union address. He did a fine job explaining what he has already accomplished, and what he intends to do for America.

      As for Pelosi shaking her head "No," that's typical. If you will remember, she is the one who said, "We have to pass ObamaCare so that we can read what's in it."

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 9 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      The last two republican presidents lost the popular vote. Don't think the competition is anywhere close to being over. We are a two-party country. Might someday be a three-party country. But there is no evidence we are or ever will be a one-party country.

      Most of us shake our heads whenever Trump speaks. Those who don't, may just not be listening.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 9 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Hi Nick, interesting hub. Yes, the Republicans have Sarah Palin and the dems have Nancy. ...neither woman who has the brains God gave a gnat. They aren't even aware enough to realize they're widely perceived as unimpressive American jokes. They cannot and do not think, speak nor behave as though they have half a brain between them. With any luck, Nancy's days are numbered. It's time she GOES...turn in her keys, go home & stay there~~unless of course McDonald's is hiring. She can shake her head all she likes. No one cares. Not impressed.

      It is high time for the losers to lick their wounds, bravely face reality, cease the insults, tantrums, protests, lies and violence. The competition is over. They lost....and continue losing as they trip over their own stupidity. Did no one ever teach them good sportsmanship? Pity. They'll find someone to blame as always. It can't be they're just blatant can it?