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Letter to Trump on how to Build the wall

Updated on September 22, 2015

To easily create this wall between the United States and Mexico we need only utilize our existing resources. The US prison system is over run with illegal Mexican Gang members that have reached such proportions as to justify a TV series. ( Now with this in mind we need a proven leader in this area and I believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be appointed Border Czar to orchestrate this massive undertaking. The Prison inmates that are not in for Capital crimes but rather lesser crimes will be used as forced labor to build the wall and in exchange they will receive their Freedom; as they will be left on the other side of the very last segment of fence when it is completed. They will also have chips placed in them that will alert Border Patrol agents if they attempt to re-enter the USA and the Penalty for re-entry shall be severe enough to detour any such attempts. The other illegal Mexicans will be given the opportunity to leave peacefully with their families and their possessions or they can stay and help build the wall that will be considered a "Paying Job" that will also earn them a cash as well as special credit that they may use when they actually apply to re-enter the USA in a Legal manor. The monies they earn building the wall will be for them to support themselves in relocating back South of the Border until such times as they can obtain a LEGAL status here in the US. This is a Win/Win across the board and with a little coordination and the use of the Army Corps of Engineers we can have this border secured in less than ONE year. ****warning******

Those who have taken Our Nations Kindness as weakness have now forced Us to show that we do have a backbone and this action is a direct result of the Illegal immigrants attepts to defy our laws.


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    • JeanMarc K Taylor profile image

      JeanMarc K Taylor 2 years ago

      Very True and now the White House is planning on bringing Syrian refugees that are 100% Muslim and it is a proven fact that they will not assimilate as is evident in France as well as the UK with the Muslim only zones.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      I agree, and this aspect of the wall for the border keeps failing to get traction, as the focus is put on the illegal aliens. The non criminal, and good for the US illegal alien, is the way that see it.

      It took only 19 terrorists to humiliate and attack our mighty country, and how many new terrorists are in the country because of people that don't think we need to protect our borders.