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Truth Behind Unemployment

Updated on December 30, 2014

Understanding Job Market

If you're reading this your probably unemployed and have already spent countless time on the web job searching. Either that or your just trying to find an interesting article to read in your leisure time. Unemployment arises through various ways and reasons, such as company foreclosure, bankruptcy or the most recent trend "down sizing". In this article I will indoctrinate you with crucial info that will aid and be an empowering agent hopefully towards your job search process.

The first thing we have to realize is that the world is forever changing, shaping and evolving. "globalization" has shaped our world as we know it today and as a result we can transport goods, communicate faster, and mass produce goods at an excelled rate! One big reason why so many companies are going through "down-sizing" is because technology, sad but true. Corporations exists to make the most potential profit possible, capitalism 101. Thus it is more cost effective and efficient to have machines to do their bidding as employing people takes much more time, money and effort. So now what?

Well, a shift of strategy or perspective is necessary to combat this economic/social phenomenon. As we can see its primarily the labor market that is being effected by cooperate down-sizing as machines can easily replace the work of human beings and are more efficient. How do you survive this ever changing landscape of the job market? Changing professions and upgrading one's credentials is a start in order to stay a float. But as I mentioned before truly "understanding the job market" is your best bet in order to cease employment opportunities.

For example, a person who has acquired a degree in philosophy or anything in the realm of academia that has no real world application is in a lot of trouble. Although this individual may be very educated and may excel in mental paradigms, paradoxes, and so forth. If there is no application of what he learned in school into today's modern day society his degree in simplest terms is rendered useless. Now this versus a business degree is a different story, as a "BBA" (Bachelor of Business) is something highly valued and sought after within today's society. I guess going to school for business is good business after all. (sorry for the pun) As you can see in both these scenarios I gave you both individuals who are indeed highly educated, but what society deems necessary is what is counted and valued. I use to work in a employment agency and I would see cases like these all the time, individuals were highly educated, probably more so than most the staff I worked with. However, since there was no real world application of their credentials there wasn't much employment opportunities available for them. Thus "under employment" ( employed at a job that does not match your credentials) was a common theme and route they took. Therefore if your going to school make sure you do your research and understand the job market, instead of going for the sake of going and ending up with a load of debt!

As we know it the generation of "baby - boomers" are aging and are soon going to retire. Not only does that open up job opportunities for the next cycle of the young and educated work force, but also creates a plethora of opportunities in both the health and social service sectors' of the job market. Ergo PSW(Personal Support Workers) and Nurses will have ample opportunities in their selected fields as society will have a high demand for these jobs in the years to come due to the aging populace. After all we have to look after our elderly. Therefore, at this point it does seem like going into one of these fields will yield a positive job retention rate as of now.


Your sitting in a room full of potential candidates for the job you applied for, which soon you will be interviewed for. Everyone sitting beside you is competition, not being harsh just stating the facts. The question is what makes you stand out of the group of interviewees? Being polite, courteous, patient, elegant in speaking, well groomed, professional attire and demeanor all play a crucial role in your chances of being selected as a possible employee. If even one of the above interpersonal skills are off that could cost you the job. Thus be job ready and be prepared to answer behaviorally styled questions.

Just do your best! Don't over think as this could cause you too butcher interview. Relaxed, cool, calm and collected is how you should exhibit yourself. Don't be timid ask questions if necessary and respond when necessary. There are cases where you may actually be more qualified than the employer him/herself, in such cases be humble and do not insubordinate! If you make the employer feel "dumb" or inferior chances are you can kiss that job good-bye. At the end of the day your employer is also apart of a "system" and probably wants to maintain his or her position within that system, thus telling the employer in the interview " I want your job" when they ask "where do you see yourself 5 years from now" is a big NO! NO! (hint, hint, wink, wink)

Job search boils down to a hit and miss game. If you don't get a job in one place you pack your bag and move on to the next. It really is working your law of averages including all factors such as race, sex, socioeconomic status, interpersonal skills and yes even physical appearance. So in a way it is probability, however you have more control if you can hone certain skills to its maximum potential. Employers at the end of the day want the best and are willing to pay top dollar for what you have to offer. Everyone is different and brings something new to the table and employers do possess their own hidden biases, stereotypes and perceptions whether they admit it or not. Just be on your best behavior and get your leg in the door!

Importance of Networking

You've probably spent countless hours on end job searching through the web right? What if I told you that you were wasting your time! No joke! You see there use to be a time where applying online for jobs was a pretty effective method of job search, but in this day and age it is not as effective. Now I am not endorsing for you to completely stop applying online, however I am encouraging you to open up your horizons and look for other avenues in job search. Job search is indeed tough endeavor, but utilizing the most pragmatic methods will give you the best result and the most potential job opportunities.

As you can see the above pie graph depicts how most people actually land jobs. 75% of jobs are acquired through word of mouth! Meaning networking is a crucial aspect and is a needed tool in your arsenal for your job search process. I'm sure you've heard this before, "nobody is hiring". You see the people who say that tend to be the people who go about job searching the wrong way and who spend the vast majority of their time searching for jobs online. No wonder why they can't get employed! Truth is Employers are always hiring! But the reason your not hearing about it is because it is not being advertised. Look at the above pie graph and look at the percentage that says "internet ads". As you can see only a small portion(3.6%) of advertising is done via internet thus you need to expand your efforts. Networking can be done in various ways, one for an example would be "volunteering", this is an important step especially if your starting from scratch and you need references. Its always good to build a repertoire of allies for the purpose of references as employers tend to always ask who can they call as a reference on behalf of you.

So in conclusion the best method of job searching to combat the dreaded plague of unemployment is mixing it up. But primarily focus on networking and other things such as applying online, filling out applications, and dropping of resumes should be done too. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors of both job search and career pathways you may take, hard work and perseverance will pay off. All the best.


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      In order to be gainfully employed and thrive in the workplace, one has to be flexible in addition to having marketable skills. One also must be familiar with one's particular corporate culture. One must have the likeability factor i.e. how well he/she is a positive interactor with both coworkers and superiors.

      So many people are unemployed because they are inflexible regarding the rules of the workplace. They are not willing to bend or adapt to inevitable changes. They contend that things are fine as is so why change it. There are some who simply refuse to learn marketable workplace skills which oftentimes put them at a SEVERE DISADVANTAGE.

      Some people refuse to learn workplace culture and politics. In order to survive in the workplace, one must know the culture and politics. Those who do not/will not learn such are oftentimes either bypassed for promotions, left behind, or fired. Also, there are people despite excellent educational and work skills are simply unlikeable. People who are unlikeable really do not last long in the workplace. Excellent hub, voted UP!