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Truth vs. Truth

Updated on June 8, 2016

Truth vs. Truth

Not knowing what to do and what to write for my first blog, I think I will fall back on something that makes us all think in society, the word "TRUTH". We first have to ask our self, which truth do we use? Second, which truth shall we believe in?

Let's look at the first question, "Which truth do we use?" it is simple enough questions, but it does have multiple answers or like my high school teach would put it, multiple guesses. The different truths we use are: The Ultimate Truth, my truth or your truth. With the ultimate truth, it holds not ill will, it says how things are without hesitation. There is no alterative motive, it is simply the golden ultimate, holy truth. This kind of truth is hard to use in our society today. We what to sugar coat everything and make it easy for people. Because like they say, "The truth is hard to swallow, like a jagged little pill."

Using the ultimate truth reminders me when I used to play Dungeons and Dragons as a kid, there was a personally called True Neutral. You teamed up with one side, but if they were losing, you teamed up with the winning side. That is Ultimate truth.

Then there is the other two types of truths, my truth and your truth. These are truths we see through our own eyes and speak with are own words. We speak these truths to not protect our self, but to ensure we don't hurt others or love ones. For example: the age old question, "Do I look fat in this?" Well we can see there are two options to go with. We can go with the ultimate truth, which some of us would use, but for the most of us we use the my truth. We answer no, not because we fear the reprisal or something flying at our head, but we truly care for the other person and don't wish to hurt another feelings. On the other hand, we us my truth to because we love the person and love them no matter what they look like.

Now comes the real test in life, which truth do you believe in? I understand it is a personal question, but to be honest with yourself, you have to know what truth you want to follow. do you go with the blue pill or the red pill?

Which truth do you believe in?

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