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Tuam Mother and Baby Home Scandal, New Age Catholic Guilt and Ireland's Emotional Terrorists.

Updated on October 8, 2017

No matter how loud I shout, the Politicians, the Doctors, the Health Service, the Media and the Irish Government continue to fail Ireland's most vulnerable.

Adam Godley,10 years old. The Irish Government and Health Service continue to deny him medical care because of, 'New Age Catholic Guilt.'
Adam Godley,10 years old. The Irish Government and Health Service continue to deny him medical care because of, 'New Age Catholic Guilt.'

Irish Politicians continue to ignore sick children due to the New Age 'Catholic Guilt.'

My name is Mary Kelly Godley and this article is a prelude to two YouTube Podcasts that I made recently. They are posted here Part 1 & Part 2 of 'Vaxxed Ireland, H.S.E., Tony O'Brien and Emotional Terrorism.'

The inspiration for writing this and recording the Blogs has come from Ireland's continued ability to delude itself into believing that we have progressed massively as a society since the 1960's. As our Government and Media would have us believe that now that we are no longer under the tyrannical rule of the Catholic Church, who were in collusion with the Government at that time, that now Ireland has progressed into a much more open, more caring, transparent society.

This article attempts to dispel this myth. Firstly at this point in time the information contained here in this article has now been supplied to every Political representative in Ireland a number of times but again over the past week. Yet, to date, only one Politician has responded and that was just to tell my family that he wishes us well and hopes my son gets the help that he has needed for nearly a decade now. But he personally is not going to do anything for my sick, disabled child. There begins the purpose of this article i.e. to emphasize the hypocrisy of our Politicians in Ireland and our former Taoiseach who stood up in the Irish Parliament last March and declared to all that 'Catholic Guilt,' was no more. While still refusing to help my son and thousands of other Irish children like him, due to their 'New Age Catholic Guilt.'

Vaxxed Ireland, H.S.E., Tony O'Brien and Emotional Terrorism. Part 1.

Some of my followers will already know that my son Adam is 10 now and was severely injured by vaccines during his first two years of life. Adam also has a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and our momentous efforts to get help and support for that can be read here: Since I wrote that article my battle to help my child has continued to be an ongoing and relentless struggle to try and get any support, or medical care, or any services for my disabled child, Adam.

It seems to me now that Irish Politicians, the Irish Government, the Media in Ireland and the Health Service here, will not be shamed into action, no matter how much I might insist that they must help a sick child. Yet they still hypocritically claim that the dark times that existed in the era of the Catholic Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland, has long since passed. yet still the abuse and neglect of the vulnerable continues unabated. So clearly despite hollow words their actions show that Ireland's hierarchy are just as silent now, as their predecessors were back in the dark days of the Catholic run Mother and Baby Homes.

While we (any many others), have traveled this country and other countries to try and get medical care and investigations for our son Adam. It really is a very expensive and exhausting way to have to live. Especially when I never choose to be a part of this battle, but yet now I have no choice but to keep going. So the reason I want to highlight this again and encourage other parents to please think about doing the same, is because things desperately need to change in this country if our children’s voices are ever to be heard.

Vaxxed Ireland, H.S.E., Tony O'Brien and Emotional Terrorism. Part 2.

No one talks openly about the abuse and neglect of so many Irish children today, just like back in 1960's Ireland.

It is very apparent to me now that if we the parents don’t stand up for Ireland's children and fight for their rights, then they really are lost. As already stated everybody in Ireland will remember the terrible scandal of the Tuam Mother and Baby Homes six months ago. Our Taoiseach then, Enda Kenny, stood up in the Irish Parliament in and said that this had been a very dark time in Ireland’s history. An era when children and vulnerable parents were not cherished and cared for as they should have been in this country. Our Taoiseach blamed this aura of silence and the complete failure to act, as being because of 'Catholic guilt.' As in the early decades of the 20th Century people in Ireland were deeply ashamed if their daughter got pregnant outside of a Catholic marriage. Such an act was considered to be a mortal sin which brought great shame and disgrace on the whole family and the local parish.

Priests would insist that the young pregnant girl (sometimes victims of sexual abuse), be sent away to a life of enslavement. If the family refused then the priest would shame and humiliate them by denouncing the family at mass, from the alter. Today, the shame and disgrace is not orated from the pulpit but instead is echoed from every newspaper, TV Channel and Radio Station in this country that a mother like me, is shameful, a disgrace and a danger to others, because I speak about the vaccine injuries my child has sustained.

So just like back in the 1940's no one is supposed to talk openly about this great shame. Instead everyone looks the other way and our poor babies suffer immensely and indefinitely just like these poor girls and their babies did. Many of our injured children also end up sedated and locked away in institutions and left to suffer horrendously. Also many of these unfortunate souls are also experimented on by with psychotropic drugs just like the poor children back in these institutions were part of vaccine trials. Which were not just for human vaccines but also for testing animal vaccines.

'This was a dark time in Ireland's History,' our Prime Minister said while ignoring the plight of today's vulnerable children.

Catholic Guilt is alive and well in Ireland, it has evolved into 'New Age Catholic Guilt.'
Catholic Guilt is alive and well in Ireland, it has evolved into 'New Age Catholic Guilt.'

Our Prime Minister says we buried our compassion and mercy in the 1960's, very true but where is it now for my son and for me? New Age Catholic guilt is alive a

'New Age Catholic Guilt,' is systemic in Ireland and permeates through every layer of Irish society today.

This new form of 'Catholic Guilt,' is reserved for those of us who speak about the adverse reactions that we or our children have sustained from their Immunisation Schedule. We are the new so called 'Unmarried Mothers,' in this Emerald Isle today. There is no safe haven for us either. Instead we are consistently and continuously defamed, vilified and silenced by the Irish Government, the Irish Media, the Politicians and the Doctor's. We have been called names by the Irish Health Service. We are shameful and should be locked away as nobody wants to hear about the neglect, the indifference or the suffering of our children. Instead we are shunned, ostracized and threatened. The vaccine injured are New Age products of shame in the eyes of all. These poor unfortunate little souls are also regularly denied services, appropriate compassion and medical attention.

Therefore while thankfully the Catholic Church may have lost its power in Ireland now. People need to be reminded that the very same Pharmaceutical Industry who experimented on the unfortunate in the Tuam Mother and baby homes holocaust(and many other similar 'chambers of horror,'), with human and animal vaccine trails, are still present in Ireland today. Also that the Irish Pharmaceutical industry currently exports in the region of 54 Billion Euro, in Pharmaceutical products every year from Ireland.

Parents who have medical proof that their children have been injured by vaccines are consistently vilified and ridiculed by the Irish Media and globally also.

While our Government and the Health Service Executive denounce the sins of the past, they still ignore and neglect a generation of sick, disabled children. How

For years I have been harassed and vilified by many. We have also had many ongoing issues with the H.S.E. and multiple other Government Departments. Most recently with the H.S.E.’s Home Service Providers, called Resilience Care. For the last four years I have been trying to get some Home help support for our son Adam and my family. We have not had any family holiday for five years and have had no break at all since then. So four years ago I started trying to get Home Support to allow us to take our daughter out, or just get an occasional break. But it took me another two years to get anything and now for the past two years there has been on-going issues with the delivery of Home Support to the family. In fact in the past six months it has become a constant area of stress for me. But then the lack of support got even worse since I requested the paperwork and Adam's file from the H.S.E. last July.

Honestly I could now wallpaper my house with all the files and paperwork that I have showing the neglect of my son Adam and the callous disregard shown for needs and ours over the past nine years. I often feel now that I must have been convicted of some terrible crime without me knowing it. As at the moment I feel like I and my vulnerable disabled child are being treated like the worst kind of criminals. Because the hostility towards me sometimes makes me think I must be guilty of some kind of terrible atrocity. But to date nobody has actually been able to tell me what I have done exactly to be treated in this way.

Ireland's 'Catholic Guilt,' led to the bodies of 798 dead, emancipated little children not being unearthed for sixty years. Has Irish society moved on from this

Will it take Ireland another 60 years to face up to the neglect and abuse of Ireland's children of 2017?

Last week I sent to nine different employees within the HSE and Resilience Care a 16 page summary of the transcribed notes of my last meeting which I had just over two weeks ago with the local Disability Team members. These notes were transcribed from my own recording of the meeting. Personally I think it was a pretty damning summary of the neglect of my son Adam. But to date no one has done anything to sort these issues out. Instead I have been offered another meeting. Even though I was told at the last meeting there is nothing they can do to help me with the issues bothering us.

At this point in time I seriously wonder if the latest appalling very harsh treatment of us has anything to do with the Director General of the H.S.E. Tony O’Brien. He recently publically labelled parents like me as being Emotional Terrorists. As all you have to do in Ireland to be labelled as being an emotional terrorist is to advocate strongly and passionately for the rights of your sick child. It seems to me now that because I refuse to stop talking about how my son Adam’s life being destroyed by his Childhood Immunisation Schedule, that I am now not very popular in many quarters.

Just to summarize this as I have told our story many times now and I did tell it on Vaxxed Periscope when they came to Ireland last May. But briefly all of the adverse reactions that my child had to his 2,4,6 and 13 month vaccines are all listed as being documented side effects of these vaccines on the Patient Information leaflets. But my son’s doctor and the H.S.E. never showed me this information, before any of Adam’s vaccines were administered to him.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Industry exports about 54 Billion from the country annually. It also makes huge contributions to every sector of Irish society, includi

Sick Irish boy denied medical treatment while his mother is vilified, harassed and labelled, 'An Emotional Terrorist.' This is the Ireland of 2017, 60 years aft

I really feel strongly that people need to know that you will be welcomed with open arms when you take your child for their vaccines. However, you will not be given all the information that you need to make a fully informed decision. So that then if your child does have adverse reactions in the hours, days or weeks after vaccinating your child, you will most likely not be told that these are adverse reactions, that are all listed as potential reactions on the Patient Information Leaflet, of the vaccine.

To this date the H.S.E. still refuse to acknowledge that my son has certain medical conditions. Most notably his Bowel Disease called enterocolitis. They say it doesn’t exist.Even when I produce the photographs that I got from an American Paediatric Gastroenterologist, of Adam’s diseased small intestine. Instead they continue with their vexatious behaviour towards me and my child as anytime I even mention it, can set them off. So instead of treating my child for his medical conditions they want Adam to have more behavioural plans and psychotropic medications, because his allergies and immune system issues and his diarrhea and his Bowel pain are all because of his autism they like to claim. Even though the diagnostic criteria for autism is entirely psychological and includes no medical symptoms whatsoever.

So now even though the evidence of the neglect of my child is everywhere and this house is overflowing with files that substantiate what I am saying, the H.S.E. and many Irish Doctor’s refuse to do anything to help a sick little boy.

Instead his mother and family are labelled as being, 'Emotional Terrorists,' and are being consistently harassed. Over the past few years I have received threatening phone calls and emails and Adam is then denied even basic services, whenever I talk about Adam’s vaccine injuries or even just his medical conditions. But everyone thinks its fine because of the new age 'Catholic Guilt,' or I guess we could call it Pharmaceutical Industry sponsored guilt also.

In 2017 in Ireland many families are experiencing their own 'Chamber of Horrors.' Many of these children end up permanently sedated, in pain and institutionaliz

My son's life has been taken from him, so where is his medal for being that so called 'one child in a million,' who suffered severe adverse reactions to his vac

As it stands now Adam will never go to College, he will never have the joy of being in love, so he will never have a family of his own or even have a job. Instead I now worry everyday about Adam’s future and what is going to happen to him when I am no longer here to fight for him. While I must also live with the guilt and pain that I feel for not having asked for the Patient Information Leaflets before allowing multiple vaccines to be administered to my beautiful, healthy perfect baby son.

The latest attack on my family happened immediately after I shared on Facebook and Twitter my list of potential contestants for Vax Hole of the week. This is a title bestowed weekly on someone on the Del Bigtree, Highwire Internet Show each week. I also shared the show which featured Director General of the H.S.E. Tony O’Brien as being the winning contestant two weeks ago. I also wrote on Social Media that I contacted the Show about featuring the disgraceful intimidation of Parents in Ireland who speak out about their children’s vaccine injuries.

The Highwire Show though, was contacted by a number of other Irish people also. And the show’s Producer confirmed that they had already been following the situation in Ireland too. As at this stage the whole world is watching and is appalled and shocked at the disgraceful way the Irish Government, the Irish Media and the H.S.E. Director General are treating the parents of sick, vulnerable, disabled children in this country. Personally I think Tony O’Brien should be hanging his head in shame at his involvement in labeling parents who are just advocating for their sick children to receive appropriate medical care and services , as Emotional Terrorists The HSE have already told me on a few occasions that they read my Facebook. As in the past they have asked me by email to remove certain things I have said about the H.S.E. from my Facebook.

Mary Godley speaks to Polly Tommey on Vaxxed Periscope, May 2017 in Cork.

So how much does the Irish Government spend each year on supporting children and adults who are injured by the Childhood Immunization in Ireland? My guess is ze

So now, I would very much like to further highlight the H.S.E.’s neglect and abuse of the most vulnerable citizens in Irish society today. As it stands I want to shine a light on this as personally there is nothing much left for them to take off me or Adam now. As they have quite 'gone to town,' on us already really.

I have recently asked for a breakdown of how much they spend annually on the promotion and implementation of their so called Childhood Immunisation Schedule. As well as how much do they pay exactly for the glossy leaflets that they distribute that do not even contain the information that they should. That being the information contained in the Patient Information leaflets for each vaccine administered. As without this information, you are not giving any informed consent for your child to be vaccinated. As you are not being told all the potential risks of adverse reactions from the vaccines that are about to be administered.

I would also very much like to know now how much do the H.S.E. set aside every year to provide healthcare and support to the children who are injured by the childhood Immunisation Schedule. Because frankly if my son is just considered to be collateral damage to ensure the integrity of so called ‘Herd Immunity.’ I want to know where my sons medal and reward are, for sacrificing his life and my whole families well being for the so called greater good?

If you have been affected by the issues I am talking about here or you know someone in a similar situation, then please do contact me. As I would like to talk to H.S.E. insiders, Health care providers, other parents or anyone really who would like to share their story of vaccine injury or their knowledge about these issues. As soon I will be conducting Interviews for Vaxxed TV and their other Social Media platforms. You can contact me on Facebook here or you can email me at I am also happy to do anonymous interviews too for those would prefer to do it that way.


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