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What Was Tupac Shakur Trying to Tell Us, Tupac's Best Quotes

Updated on October 6, 2017

Information About Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was born of a Black Panther Leader named Afeni Shakur; his mother. Tupac was raised up as a child by Black Panther Party Leaders, Civil Rights Leaders, and the streets. This is where he got most of his knowledge and wisdom of the ways of the world. Tupac Shakur attended The Baltimore School for Performing Arts, at that time he and his family lived in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a teenager when he was attending his performing arts school, his elective classes were; Theater, Acting, Dance, and Poetry. His performing arts school is where he met Jada Pinkett Smith the actress, they told each other that they both would rise above their environment where they grew up.

Tupac Shakur was born on June 16, 1971, and he passed away on September 13, 1996 by gunshot wombs. Tupac's birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks. His mother Afeni Shakur changed Tupac's birth name when he was a young boy, to Tupac Amaru Shakur.

When Tupac was here in the land of the living, some people say that he talked too much, about things he shouldn't have been saying (he was too uppity as a Black man). This is because he spoke about social issues in the media, the streets, of Black people, of White people, of America, and of the world in general. Things like this happen when we have freedom of speech, especially when someone is talking in the attitude of love for his people. The majority of the people that are running this country do not really care about Black people, or other races of people either. We see how they treated the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, if they cared about Black people, the situation of that natural disaster would've been handled better and differently. It all started in the era of the Ku Klux Klan men; they want Black people to stay in their place mentally, where ever that is . . . .

Information About Tupac
Information About Tupac
Tupac's Best Quotes
Tupac's Best Quotes
Life Quotes by Tupac
Life Quotes by Tupac

Life Quotes by Tupac

Tupac quoted in an interview that "He could help change the world," because he have a different mind-set about many things. Many people that are Tupac fans from the beginning, or Tupac fans after his death, do believe that Tupac has made a huge change in the world. This is especially due to the mind-set that he had, some of his thoughts had to be a gift from God above. His fans are not saying that Tupac said and did everything the right way, because he didn't do and say everything right. No one can do everything the right way, humans are not perfect. Jesus the Christ is the only one that lived on earth in the human body that did everything and said everything right, he was and is perfect. All the rest of us can do is our part to make a loving-difference in society, and try to be more Christ-like.

Because the majority of America is ran by Governed White men that has been prejudice, greedy, and evil. They have an agenda, and it is not a good agenda. True enough, America is considered a blessed country. Why is it we have more than other countries? Many would want to think it’s because of our Christian values inserted into many of the laws. But what many people do know is that Black ancestors helped to build this country, literally. And that is a whole other story within itself about Black ancestors building things and raising White people's children.

There would be no United States of America if it wasn't from the sweat, tears, and blood of African American ancestors. Many Black people lives were lost during slavery as we all know for the sake of White Americans (Europeans) riches.

Black people were the original innovators of many financially profitable ideas, and had most of those ideas stolen by most of White America. I'm sure anyone can think of a few ideas that were stolen by White Americans, they are the originators of grand theft. Heck, George W. Bush Stole the Elected Presidency from Al Gore in 2001.

The media is part of those people that really don't care about African Americans. The media assisted with the whole West coast and East coast division in the rap music industry, between Tupac Shakur and Biggy. Famous people need to watch the eyes, ears, and words of the media. Because the media is a live breathing thing, they can let the media tear them all the way down, or they can look the media in the eye and say "not me, and not today." Feeding into gossip and having beef with their own peers is very foolish. Why can't most of the rappers have brotherly-love for their peers, and come together to make good music? Seeing life through the eyes of the media will have a rapper make a song called "Me Against the World" (by 2Pac).

Do people think that Tupac was a conscience rapper compared to many other rappers? Tupac wrote most of his own lyrics, on things he wanted to rap about. This is the artistic difference between Tupac and some of the other rappers. Although there are other great conscience rappers, we just want to celebrate Tupac more often; since he was raised by Black Panther Party Members.

There was a lady back in the day named Deloris Tucker, she and Tupac had beef/differences against each other and the media helped it grow bigger. Actually, in reality Tupac and Deloris Tucker had many positive views in-common, but they never got a chance to work together to explore them. I understand that she didn't like rap songs that called some women 'bitches and hoes.' But I'm sure with the right guidance from Deloris Tucker, she and Tupac could've made quite a difference. Most of the mainstream media are not peace makers, they are instigators and deceptive.

Furthermore, we Americans are financially richer than other countries, and there should be no other countries that are starving from food. Americans can't be that greedy, right? Some of the wealthiest people in America have 2-20 or more cars to drive, and we have starving babies and families in other countries. We know many rich people may have charities that they give to, but they give only just enough. Can they be like Oprah Winfrey and build a huge school or something, like she did for the African country? All most countries really want is 'running water,' like Americans have when we go to our kitchens and turn on the faucets. When these other countries get proper running water, they can grow their own food, and feed their cattle, and chickens and whatnot.

Tupac Quotes:

  • Change the world, or be changed by the world.
  • Peep game, the game is the game of life.
  • Real soon the government is going to make the young Black men, and the Hispanic men the target of all their revenue resources.
  • America is the biggest gang in the world.
  • Being in a gang can be positive, it just has to be organized; instead of being self-destructive, be self-productive.
  • We need to start taking care of our own people, help each other out.
  • Jail is not the spot; it's not the place to be.
  • Everything wasn't meant to be analyzed.
  • We were "asking" with the Black Panther Party, we're not asking anymore, we have to be bolder.
  • If you take me 2Pac out of the Rap game, you don't want to see the next guy in Hip Hop, because he's not going to have any compassion for the Black community.
  • I will spark the brain that will change the world.
  • I love Black people.

Tupac Shakur Killuminati
Tupac Shakur Killuminati
Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith
Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith

Was Tupac Ahead of His Time in His Mind-Set

Many people do believe that Tupac Shakur was ahead of his time, in the way that he thinks. Tupac also says that 'the world was built on gangs,' the Ku Klux Klan, the CIA, the FBI, the police department, republicans, and democrats. Tupac says regarding the Crips and the Bloods gangs there was a truce started in 1993, and the media did not help with it as mush as they should've. Don't believe the hype of the media when it's negative, they only feed on negative of mainly Black people. What about the positive things that rappers do, that the media knows about, but they rarely expose it? Tupac was a controversial rapper in the media's eye, some of the things he said was to get a reaction, rather good or bad. While Tupac lived on the West coast he liked many things about the East coast; their pizza, their cars, his East coast fans, etc.

Yeah it's sad that Tupac has passed away, but his Spirit is more alive than some rappers that are in the music industry today, and that's because 2Pac was conscience with most of the things he said. Especially because he made a difference, he spark many flames, he brought the message, he stood his ground, he didn't sell his Soul, he loved Black people. African American's have to love each other just like the Hispanic people do. Many Black people have to make a positive change for the better, make a positive change in world and for themselves. There are other Black men and women that think like Tupac when it comes to "civil rights" and "equality". But as the saying goes "Two minds are better than one," Tupac just needed a village to agree and grow with him in his plans for the future. His plans can still go on in people that continue to believe in the rights of minorities.

Tupac's Best Quotes

  • Why get mad at the Messenger, get mad at the ones that are the cause of the major problems of the world.
  • ♥ If West Coast Rappers vs. East Coast Rappers can generate millions of record sales, we as Hip Hop Artists can generate those same millions into votes and become Politicians. ♥
  • Don't just bob your head to the music; really listen to the words that are being said.
  • Ain't no one man going to stay in one spot forever, that's a sucker; I'm going to come up by double-up, and more double-up.
  • Tupac quotes that he lived many places like Los Angeles and other places, but he will always claim 'Oakland.' This is where the Black Panthers resided also in the 60s.
  • Tupac quoted "I have no fear, I only have ambitions and I want mine."
  • Who can play a Cop in a movie better than someone who seen and experienced the street life, and seen Cop's crooked ways, their compassion, their respect, and their hate?
  • All our strengths, gifts, and blessings come from God.
  • Tupac says, he will fall in-love with a woman more than she loves herself,' that's how strong his love would be if he had a wife. And he would want the same in return.
  • Keep your head up.
  • "The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, the darker the flesh the deeper the roots."
  • "The media sometimes want to expose music artist, just for their own hidden agenda."
  • Through all the rain and the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor.

Information About Tupac - The Movie "Juice"
Information About Tupac - The Movie "Juice"
Tupac's Best Quotes
Tupac's Best Quotes

2pac Movie List

The movies that Tupac played in were him getting to show his acting skills, from his early days as a performing arts student. The classes Tupac had during that time as a teenager in performing arts school helped him in his career. One of the classes he had was Dancing, which helped him to start off as a Dancer in the Hip Hop group called Digital Underground, until he showed Shock G his rapping skills. He had another class which was 'Poetry' this helped his rap lyrics, poetry helped him lyrically to be a Multi-Platinum Rap Artist. And other classes he had at The Baltimore School of Performing Arts were; Acting and Theater, these two classes of course assisted Tupac with his acting skills and molding all of his arts into one.

Tupac finished his last album in 7 days, he had great work ethic according to the people that worked with him in the studio which were The Outlaws, Dr. Dre, Shug Knight, Bone Thugs n' Harmony, Snoop, and others. His Makaveli album went 4x's Platinum. Also Tupac read many books in his lifetime, he wanted to gain more knowledge about the world, people, himself as a Black person, etc.

The TV show "A Different World" accepted Tupac as a cast member for one of their episodes, as he joined his friend Jada Pinkett Smith. Both of them told each other when they were younger that they would make it as Actors, and make it out the neighborhoods they grew up in. Tupac considered himself a Thug Angel, because in no way did he consider himself to be Angelic.

Tupac didn't hate any race of people, he just wanted the same fairness and equality for African Americans as the Caucasian race has. Mr. Shakur wanted to show other people at times that he was very tough, but he also was very sensitive. He cared for people that were treated unfairly by higher power authorities in the system.

Some people believe that 2Pac may have faked his own death, because he did not want to go back to jail. Before he got assassinated, 2Pac had an interview along with Dr. Dre on MTV, and he mentioned that he was going to start his own record label called "Underground Railroad."

Movies Tupac Starred in:

♣ Juice

♣ Bullet

♣ Above The Rim

♣ Poetic Justice

♣ Gang Related

Watch this - Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre Interview part 1

Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre Interview part 2

Throw-back Interview of Tupac on Bet's Video LP

Tupac's Bodyguard - Frank Alexander recent interview

Definitions of:

Messenger - One who delivers a communication; one who job it is to deliver goods.

Controversial - Disputing; likely to provoke argument; leading to controversy; debatable.

Killuminati - This word created by Tupac. He wanted to expose the illuminati and their wicked agenda; their plans to control the music industry, and their plans to control for the world. Tupac would say "Fu** the New World Order" and he says he put the 'K' in front of the word illuminati because he "Killin that Sh**."

Outlaws - A person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; a rebel. A person excluded from the benefits and protection of the law.

Uppity Negro - Affecting an attitude of inflated self-esteem; not yielding easily to persuasion or control.

Makaveli - This was Tupac's stage name.

Activist - A policy of taking a direct and often militant action to achieve an end, especially a political and social one.

Rest-in-Peace Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace a.k.a Notorious BIG. A part of Tupac lives on in some of his fans in a positive way.

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    • profile image

      swedish thugin 3 years ago

      if everybody knew what pac was saing the world would be different....

    • profile image

      tracy coleman 3 years ago

      I think 2 pac had a positive attitude and out look on our young black people we need more rappers like him that wasn't afraid to stand up in what he believe in he is sadly missed

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      i just want to say excellent article but the thing about the illuminati is wrong he wanted to kill the idea that it does exist since many prisoners thought it was true and it was lowering their self esteem

    • profile image

      antiilluminate 5 years ago

      STAND UP!!!! Let's change the world,because it's not changing me!!

    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi MsDora, I'm glad you were interested in this article about Tupac, thanks for having an open mind. Peace :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      I'm not a Tupac fan, not because I did not like him; I did not know him. However, your informative article presents him as an ingenious artist. "I have no fear, I only have ambitions and I want mine," gives insight into his attitude and philosophy of life. Thanks for introducing him to people like me who did not follow his work. Good job!