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Tupak’s opinion on global warming

Updated on November 4, 2014

Climate change consequences

The ice is melting a bit more with each passing day. Temperatures keep rising slowly but surely. The level of some rivers is becoming hazardously low while others are swelling out of their banks, devastating everything around them. Tornados become increasingly frequent and, most of all, much more powerful. Heatwaves have a tremendous time creating huge forest fires that men find so hard to control… but everything’s fine, everyone may sleep tight!

But if Nature is being very capricious lately, it is actually to show us something that we do not understand, that we do not see, that we cannot interpret. Something moves under our feet and above our heads but, we are all the same, we only believe what we see. And I would add: we only see what we want to see!

Yet, not so long ago (in 1999), a great storm struck Western Europe. Then, in the summer of 2003, an unusual heatwave took place. In 2005, the United States were not spared with the added bonus of having New Orleans put under water. It seems that, in Japan, no less than 7 devastating cyclones have passed during this period but, strangely enough, human memory does not remember these. And for good reason: no one ever knew.

We can only wonder what scientists, the very people who spend their time doing analysis, observing the planet from every angle, watching over us day and night, are doing. It must be said that it takes time to download all the information from the satellites. Especially since everybody does not agree on everything. Some believe the Sun is responsible while others remain convinced that human activity is solely responsible for the warming, causing a chain reaction of all these disasters.

Global warming does not only affect the Earth

Many don’t know it but, a small and highly sophisticated motorized vehicle, dubbed the Mars Global Surveyor by the NASA, has constantly traveled all over Mars. This machine has discovered something incredible. It seems that frozen water on Mars has been melting at an alarming rate. Strange, isn’t it? But if there is no life or human activity on Mars, how is it that this planet is warming as well?

We could also talk about Neptune and its moons that are more than 4 billion miles away from the Sun. On Triton, for instance, there was an increase of 5% of the surface temperature. While on Pluto, which is however the farthest planet from the Sun, a heatwave was recorded, one that has tripled its temperature in just 14 short years!

Unless proven otherwise, there are no coal plants or factories producing the famous greenhouse gas on Mars, Pluto and other planets in our solar system.

This can make us laugh but, if there is a warming where there is no pollution or human activity, then what kind of phenomenon is taking place? The great warming does therefore not just affect the Earth but the entire solar system. But, about this, lips are sealed. Not a word anywhere. The media were instructed to place the blame on greenhouse gases.

Global warming causes

Some scientists assume that the solar system has entered an interstellar cloud, i.e. a gigantic cloud of dust and gas, which would explain the global warming phenomenon in our galaxy.

Others remain convinced that the Sun is the sole culprit of the great upheavals that strike us. But they do not understand why it is the most distant planets that are warming the fastest.

And then come the wacky theories to spice up the reports. Some claim to have discovered the presence of a strange brown star that could disrupt the cycles of comets.

Climate change and apocalyptic scenarios

Climate change may be nothing more than a natural phenomenon. Although the Sun does not move, according to astrophysicists, the Earth, by contrast, can switch its axis. This has happened many times but that was long ago, too long ago for man’s memory to remember. After all, does what happened thousands of years ago really interest us? And now, with our advanced technology, it seems implausible to imagine a doomsday scenario. Governments necessarily have a plan B, don’t they?

Nothing could be less sure… As everyone speculates, nobody knows anything. Or not much. It is the policy of “wait and see what happens”. Everyone is working on their priorities without worrying about what tomorrow will bring! But tomorrow… is soon.

Of course, for centuries, it has been feared that Heaven might fall on our heads.

But in this case, we are not talking about predictions but scientific measurements. Solar flares are common and are part of solar activity. But the jets of ionized material that are released into the atmosphere to hundreds of thousands of miles are not all harmless. Sometimes, as has already happened in 1989 and 2001, unusually violent eruptions seriously disrupt or even stop almost all means of radio communications on Earth.

But all of this is nothing, except that on November 4, 2003 there was a mega solar flare which, fortunately for you, was headed in the opposite direction to the Earth. Had it not been the case, no one would have known what would have happened to all the satellite networks, which would all have glowed like candles on a big birthday cake.

No more mobile phones, GPS in cars, electricity. No more gasoline because pumps would be out of order, no more money either because the ATMS would be turned off and computers turned off. No more access to your bank account or any data anywhere. Imagine the general panic, the panic of the people on the street, powerless over an event planned for some time but never taken seriously by anyone. We don’t believe what is right in front of us to see, right!

While we have known for some years now that humanity as a whole is exposed (but when?) to a mega solar storm that could cause apocalyptic and immeasurable damage, I wonder why no one is aware of the topic at the highest level, even if only to launch a giant program of information to people that might simply be called: What do we do in case of failure?

If something happens, people will say that I am a Great Visionary. But when they say it, it will be too late and I’m not interested in being paid honors. Tupak will be in the same chaos as everyone... Or not, for I am already preparing for the arrival of such an event, which may simply confront us with a reality to which we are not accustomed. Many laugh today at the so-called wacky announcements made by some preachers. While some forecasts are definitely science fiction, it is nonetheless true that we all live with this sword of Damocles over our heads.


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