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Turkey Becomes More Extremist as They Attempt to Lower the Age of Consent to 12

Updated on August 17, 2016

Turkish Legislation Attempts to Lower Age of Consent to 12

It's pretty obvious that the Turkish government has been attempting to lean into more of a Sharia controlled state for decades now. On occasion the military steps in and removes the politicians that would allow that to happen in order to defend secularism within the country. With the most recent coup in Turkey, the military failed to effectively overthrow the Islamic powers and thousands of their military forces are being detained and tortured for simply being "suspected" by authorities of taking part of the coup. This type of crackdown on the secularist friendly forces give Turkish President Erdogan and Sharia leaning politicians an opportunity to effectively insert laws that reflect Sharia and not secularism.

One of the consequences of this will no doubt exacerbate human rights violations towards women, gays, religious and ethnic minorities for Turkey. And according to the Turkish media outlet Hurriyet Daily News the country will be effectively annulling child sex abuse. Turkeys Constitutional Court agreed with a local court that its only children under the age of 12 that don't have an understanding of sexual acts and that 12 year old and up do. For westerners, this is absurd because they're children!

Now lets take a step back for a second. This is pretty upsetting right? Always remember that the model citizen for those who follow Islam is their Prophet Muhammad. He married a girl named Aisha who was around the age of 6 and was consummated just a few years later. Turkeys attempt to legislate these types of laws are clearly religiously motivated as their Prophet himself was a pedophile. These are tough politically incorrect words but its important to understand what some Sharia followers will do when they eliminate secularism. This might be just one smaller example of what we can expect to see in Turkey as a result of a failed military coup.

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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 17 months ago from The Beautiful South

      Very interesting, I think many really should learn more about this and I hope you will cover it even more. I will share this.