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Turning The Tide

Updated on November 16, 2017

Turning The Tide

Just as the sea flows , then so does our economy.
Just as the sea flows , then so does our economy.

Sign of the Times in America

Turning The Tide

Liberty has a price to pay.

Gas is getting higher each day.

Meaningfullness has lost it's way.

Order rules with chaos persisting.

More they shout...more money,

More fun, more pleasure,

And some humans do without.

Meanwhile, the tide is still rising.

People are losing their homes,

And doom overshadows the flow of petro.

Our politicians thrive in shades of glory.

Who tells the story?

The poor man on the street? ...

He holds his sign up on every corner.

Will anyone see his tragedy?

Did anyone ever teach him how to work?

Or did fate deal him a dirty blow.

Cars drive up and down going to and fro.

In orderly travel, the automobile lines up.

The pumps give out the last drop of oil.

The world takes the flow of time,

And the tide is waiting to turn.

There are rumors of new things coming,

But why must it all flow the same way.

©2008 Sandy Rodgers aka ladybluewriter


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