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Updated on October 14, 2011


I am no prophet so I cannot predict if the newly planted saplings of Democracy will take hold in Egypt, but if they do, I must give 'props' to the advent of ‘tweeting’ and the other methods of modern communications that are assisting the embryonic revolution. In America, these advents of communications are mostly used for vanity, but as we have seen in the failed “Green’ revolution in Iran and the fledgling movement afoot in Egypt, they are integral in these emerging, potential, Democratic movements. No doubt, autocratic countries like Egypt provide the arable soil for Democracy to take hold, but we should not confuse Democratic movements in those countries with that of ours. President Mubarak might be a monster, but there are monsters, and then, there are monsters.

The most dangerous of the monsters in the Egyptian theatre is the Muslim Brotherhood… they are a nasty piece of work. One could see their handiwork in Judea and Samaria… where ironically it was Mubarak’s army who has been curtailing their weapons flow into the hands of Hamas… weapons primarily used to thwart the peace process in Israel. Egypt is an integral partner because of the Camp David Peace accords brokered by President Carter between Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin. Camp David represents the only formal peace treaty between an Arab country and the Jewish state - and note that Sadat, the then Egyptian President, paid for his peace overtures with his life. The dividends Egypt has been enjoying to the tune of $1.5 billion is the only leverage we have over Mubarak… it is why President Obama demanded that President Mubarak allowed the tweeting and the like to be available because they were turned off.

No one in the Middle East is going to give the ‘Great Satan’ any kudos for playing an important role in its Democratic movement for inventing the technology like tweeting, but that is ok. Of more import, in the fifties, our CIA thwarted a Democratic movement in Iran… siding with the Shah. There are those who can cogently argue that this interference gave us the dreaded Mullahs we have now governing in Iran. We can hope that if Mubarak falls… that we may have a Democracy in Egypt akin to what we have in Turkey… but we may also have what we have in Tehran… if the Democratic movement in Egypt is hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood. At that juncture, Israel will be surrounded by enemies and there is no rallying call in that part of the world… which unites Muslims more than the call for the destruction of the Jewish state. I have that unsettling feeling that Israel will have to once again take on the posture of Masada… of course there are those who will say that she has always worn that posture.


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