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Twisted “Party of No” psyche accounts for their racist policies and their tough on crime tactics.

Updated on January 7, 2015

Twisted “Party of No” psyche accounts for their racist policies and their tough on crime tactics that shaft red staters.

The “Party of No” exhibits its contempt for the 99% repeatedly with their policies of racism and police brutality being just two manifestations of this. We described in the article “The “Party of No” is responsible for police brutality and torture.” how the “Party of No” is responsible for police brutality and torture. We will also describe their role in our country’s racism in this article.

The “Party of No” can never exhibit courage of conviction as the “Party of No” has so many truly vile policies that they are adept at concealing their positions.

The “Party of No” is racist, but they don’t want to admit it.

A FOX propagandist is blaming our President with contributing to racism.

Rudy Giuliani is accusing our President of contributing to police brutality.

The US police brutality problem has drawn the UN to remark upon it and the UN notices the US tendency to commit brutality against our racial and ethnic minorities.

If you have racist policies aren’t the majority of its police brutality victims going to be racial and ethnic minorities?

The “Party of No” is racist, but they don’t want to admit.

The article “GOP leaders defend Scalise’s leadership position as majority whip” describes how the “Party of No” is scrambling to hide its racism.

It states “The new GOP-controlled Congress may face its first test this week with one of their own: Rep. Steve Scalise, the third top-ranking Republican.

Looking to move on beyond the scandal and reinvigorate the conservative agenda, more Republicans joined Speaker Boehner in rallying behind embattled House Majority Whip.”

It is an old white boys club in the GOP, but they have a black woman and they are using her to prevaricate about Scalise as the article states “Rep-elect Mia Love, the first black Republican woman elected to Congress, stood by Scalise and his leadership role after he apologized for giving a speech at a white supremacist conference in 2002.

“My first thought was this was 12 years ago. It’s interesting that it’s coming up now,” Love said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “These groups are awful.”

“I can say, as far as I’m concerned, with Rep. Scalise, he has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He’s been very helpful for me and he has had the support of his colleagues,” Love said.”

The article “David Duke Threatens To Expose Other Politicians With White Supremacist Ties” describes the hole the GOP is in about racism.

The article states “Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke issued a warning to Republicans who have criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for speaking to a white nationalist group in 2002, saying they "better be looking over their shoulders."

Duke is a former one-term RepublicanLouisiana State Representative and the GOP knows it has to conceal their racist tendencies as the article states “Peter Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, said the news about Scalise's 2002 speech is "acidic for the Republican Party." But GOP leaders -- including House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) -- are standing by Scalise amid the controversy.”

Democratic politicians have not held these positions for generations whereas the GOP are currently standing by these racist stances.

Their policies are so abhorrent they have to conceal them, but they are not going to abandon them either, which explains Boehner’s stance.

The article “As Rep. Steve Scalise story grows, sordid details emerge about dark underside of the white supremacy movement” describes how the “Party of No” would like you believe Scalise didn’t know who he was talking to.

The article states “U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise’s claim that he did not know who he was talking to when he spoke to that meeting of the Workshop on Civil Rights hosted by the European-American Unity and Rights Conference (EURO) back in May of 2002 is coming unraveled like a cheap suit.

And so too, are the cover stories concocted by participants of that meeting who are trying to pull Scalise’s fat out of the fire….

Thanks to stellar investigative reporting by blogger Lamar White, Scalise’s position as House Majority Whip could go the same way as that of former Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) who resigned his post as Senate Majority Leader following his association with a similar white supremacy group, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC).”

Scalise is following Lott’s example of pretending ignorance as the article states “Former Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay Cobb addressed CCC on two occasions and Trent Lott five times, once telling its members that they stood “for the right principles and the right philosophy,” only to later claim he had “no idea” what the organization stood for (we’re beginning to detect a trend here).”

The “Party of No” can’t stand by their policies, but they are their polices after all and they are trying to walk a fine line, as the article states “So we have the CCC, EURO, and the KKK, which are pretty much synonymous with their interchangeable memberships, rubbing shoulders with right-wing, family-values politicians who run for cover the moment the glare of public scrutiny is shone upon them. The only thing missing from the picture are the 30 pieces of silver.

All of which must, by necessity, raise this burning question: Is the price of political fraudulence worth the wear and tear on an elected official’s integrity?”

A FOX propagandist is blaming our President with contributing to racism.

The article “FNC’s Hoenig: Rise in Racism in US tied to Rise in Collectivism”states “On Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Cashin’ In,” Fox News regular and Capitalist Pig hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig attributed the perceived rise in racism in the United States to the rise of collectivism, which he blamed in part on President Barack Obama.

“You know Eric, racism rises and falls with collectivism,” Hoenig said. “The country has become more collectivist, so it has become more racist. And I think many on the left, including the president – it’s like they have divided us by income now and gender, so racism is going to be the next.””

Rudy Giuliani is accusing our President of contributing to police brutality.

The article “Giuliani’s claim that Obama launched anti-police ‘propaganda’” shows that the “Party of No” will attempt to brainwash the red staters about anything.

The article states “We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everybody should hate the police.”

This quote was from a reliable “Party of No” propagandist on a reliable “Party of No” propaganda organ as the article states it was from “Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, FOX News Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014”.

It was not only Giuliani as the article states “His remarks were unusually sharp-edged, but he was not alone in making them; a handful of other current and former lawmakers took to the airwaves to denounce the “anti-cop rhetoric” that they said has spread after the fatal shooting of a teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., in August.”

Giuliani was the butt of remarks about the police as the article states “Ironically, Giuliani himself was once accused of fostering an atmosphere of police violence. A Haitian immigrant who was sodomized by New York City police officers claimed — then recanted — that the officers invoked Giuliani’s name (“It’s Giuliani time!”) during the assault. So the former mayor should be especially wary of making broad-brush claims that the rhetoric of senior officials is to blame for the actions of individuals.”

The US police brutality problem has drawn the UN to remark upon it.

The 11/28/14 article “UN urges US crackdown of police brutality” describes how blatant our police brutality problem has become.

The article states “The United Nations Committee Against Torture criticized the United States in a report Friday for a pattern of police brutality and excessive force against racial and ethnic minorities across the country.

It raised concern about racial profiling and the growing militarization of police activities, topics that became prominent this summer during riots in Ferguson, Mo., protesting the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager….

Speaking Friday at a press conference in Geneva, Alessio Bruni, one of the U.N. panel’s investigators, called Brown’s death a “tragedy” but said his committee would respect the decision not to put Wilson on trial, according to CNN.

Brown’s parents traveled to Switzerland to testify before the committee earlier this month.

Bruni called on the United States to adopt reforms to come into full compliance with the 1987 U.N. Convention Against Torture, which the Senate ratified in 1994.

The report singles out the Chicago Police Department for “frequent and recurrent police shootings or fatal pursuits of unarmed black individuals.” It also criticizes Chicago’s police for frequent profiling and harassment of young African Americans and Latinos.

It notes that no Chicago police officer has been convicted for what it termed “acts of torture” and that the mostly African-American victims have not received any compensation….

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in August urged U.S. police departments to stop using excessive force.

That panel found African Americans are disproportionately the victims of police brutality and alleged widespread racial bias among U.S. law enforcement officers. It recommended that police commanders do more to implement rules for use of force and improve officer training.”

The “Party of No” vile policies of racism and police brutality.

The “Party of No” champions racism. Combine this with police brutality and the majority of these “Party of No” tough on crime victims will be racial and ethnic minorities. The old phrase “You can’t see the forest for the trees” applies but the UN has some objectivity. As we noted above in the 11/28/14 article “UN urges US crackdown of police brutality” the UN Committee Against Torture criticized the United States for a pattern of police brutality and excessive force against racial and ethnic minorities across the country.


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    • profile image

      Cary Klein ( Michcarian ) 

      5 years ago

      is the Conservative/Tea Party movement really conservative or just an anti-black, pro-white knee jerk reaction to a black President?


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