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Two dead, nine wounded in shooting near the Empire State Building

Updated on August 24, 2012

According to Yahoo News, an angry employee decided to shoot his former boss in the head near Empire State building after the guy fired him from his job one year ago. Not too many details have been exposed about this case and the shooter. No one knows much about the story other than this killer supposedly went after his former boss because he was angry at him for firing him from this job. It is possible that there was another reason for this brutal killing, but no one knows what it is as of yet.

The area surrounding the Empire State Building is usually pretty safe. Now I guess the tourists are going to be scared to come and visit this popular area. I remember standing on top of the Empire State building a long time back. The view was spectacular and at that time my biggest fear was getting stuck inside one of those high rise elevators. The times have changed a lot since then.

Now every time I walk near this area on thirty fourth street I will always watch my back and look out for some crazy killer. Just when the whole nine eleven situation faded into the past a little bit, now we have a whole new wave of home grown terror here to make our lives a living hell. This brings me to the topic of gun control. Where do our candidates for presidency stand on this issue?

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney claim that they are against illegal guns. However, honestly I have a hard time believing that a Republican would be against illegal guns. After all, Republicans are the ones who are in love with hunting. They would never give up this spectacular hobby. Hunting is almost like a status symbol for them. Also, Republicans are the ones who have more to be afraid of given their views on women's rights and tax cuts for the rich. Lets not forget that they want to cut medicare for the seniors and welfare for the poor.

The interesting thing is that after all the embarassing remarks and lies made by the candidate of the Republican party, Mitt Romney is still running close in popularity to Barack Obama. I wonder who is voting for this guy? I mean no sane person would vote for this candidate given his immoral character. It just means either many Americans are corrupt or the polls are not accurate. Maybe someone is forging the numbers.


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    • kosanya profile image

      kosanya 5 years ago

      Nothing to be ashamed of. I am just voicing my opinion. Thanks for stopping by.

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      This hub is pathetic.

      You take a tragedy and turn it into a political spin.

      Shame on you.