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Two officers reported dead on Navy ship after swine flu vaccine

Updated on September 26, 2009

Bob Chapman is reporting a disclosure from an unidentified female that the Navy is being used as guinea pigs for the swine flu vaccine. The report claims that the crew were injected with the swine flu vaccine and then began getting sick with fevers that hit 104 degrees.

Two are reported as dead as the ship is due to return to the San Diego port. Noted as dead includes a Lt Commander who Commanded the ship and the Master Chief Petty Officer.

The ship is completing an approximate month of quarantine at sea for the illness. Around 16 medical personel from other ships are said to have attended to the crew. Three other ships at sea are also noted in the leaked report as having sick crews after recieving the vaccine.

Video Report: Navy used as guinea pigs.


This news comes on the heels of legislation mandating the injection of the swine flu vaccine in several states. The following states have pre-existing mandatory vaccination laws: New York, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and Kentucky. Massachusetts has 'The Pandemic Response Bill' which was also discussed here at hubpolitics.

Three other states "— Delaware, Oklahoma and South Carolina — have adopted the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act in its entirety. A total of 37 states have adopted portions of the federal model, though most have avoided contentious issues such as home entry and required assistance with vaccination efforts, according to George Annas, chairman of Boston University's Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights Department," according to an article by Jake Berry in the Cape Cod Times.

Oklahoma allowed the vaccine to be experimentally tested on children. No further mention has been made on that to this author's knowledge at this time. Their “2007 Oklahoma Pandemic Influenza Management Plan,” inspired many questions and discussion about plans to enforce “mandatory isolation or quarantine orders,” according to another article by Andrew W. Griffin on September 11 of this year.


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    A Texan 

    9 years ago

    Interesting Hub keep us posted


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