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Types of Drugs Abused by Youths

Updated on March 25, 2014
Smokers are liable to die young
Smokers are liable to die young | Source
Drug abuse
Drug abuse | Source

There are drugs that are susceptible to abuse by youths. They range from most commonly and less expensive ones such as cigarettes and alcohol to expensive and more deadly such as cocaine and heroin.


These are easily available to the youths. They are called drugs because of its nicotine contents and have physical and psychological effects on the body. Cigarettes are addictive and they cause lung diseases such as cancer of the lungs.


Alcohol abuse is a worldwide social and medical problem. Alcohol is seen as a symbol of prestige and social status. Examples of alcohol are beer, wine, brandy and spirits and are in the drug category mainly because of their chemical contents and potential for addiction.

It has toxic and sedative effects on the body and it is available without prescription. Its consumption can cause a number of marked changes in behavior and it is a central nervous system depressant.


This is usually abused through the excessive chewing of kola nuts or intake of coffee, tea, and some bottled beverages.


It is called Indian hemp before, it is now called cannabis. It believed that cannabis could destroy reproductive cells and hormones. Others effects of marijuana include dry mouth and throat, brain damage etc.


These could also be inhalants (volatile solvents). They are very harmful to the body. They are inhaled or sniffed unlike other ones they are taken orally. Their chemical vapors go directly to the lungs, heart and brain through the blood stream. Some of these are nail polish remover, glue, gasoline, cleaning solutions, correction fluids and all distillates from petroleum and natural gas belong to the class of hydrocarbons.


It is known as smack horse and the use is on the increase. It slows down the activities of the central nervous system. It is used to relieve anxiety and induce sleep. Heroine is first synthesized from morphine with a bitter taste.

Heroine is three times more potent than morphine and it is readily available (in Nigeria). Overdose of heroine may result to death because of decreased breathing.

It is usually injected with dirty needles and it can then trigger other health complications including the destruction of heart valves, HIV and AIDs infections, tetanus, etc.


It is also known as crack, snow, rock and coke. It is one of the most potent stimulants and it is extracted from the leaves of cocoa plants grown in Andean highlands of South America.

Cocaine can be smoked, injected and swallowed.

Desired effects include pleasure and increased alertness. This can lead to permanent brain damage, increased blood pressure and high respiratory rates.


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