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Typhoon Sendong Pummeled Northern Mindanao in the Philippines

Updated on March 26, 2013

A disaster struck Northern Mindanao in the Philippines as typhoon Sendong left hundreds of people dead at its wake and wreaked tremendous damage to properties, houses and sources of livelihood. The disaster was a deadly cocktail of lack of flood warning, high tide, darkness, false sense of security, illegal logging, rapid urbanization and mining.

Cagayan de oro City and Iligan City were the worst hit by the very powerful typhoon as numerous villages were swept by flashfloods, homes were trampled, bridges collapsed like house of cards and vehicles were toppled.

The death toll in Mindanao rose to 711 as of December 19, 2001 as hundreds of individuals were still missing.

The flashfloods emerged like thieves at the dead hours of the night and it was reinforced further by high tide.

There were 20 towns and cities that reported damage to life and properties because of floods and landslides. A total of 75 villages were affected (18 in Compostela Valley, 17 each in Cagayan de Oro City and Zamboanga del Norte, 15 in Iligan City and 8 in Dumaguete).

Typhoon Sendong pictures / images

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In Cagayan de Oro City, 474 bodies had been recovered while a total of 482 people were still missing. More than 35,000 were relocated to evacuation centers.

In Iligan City 214 people died and 447 residents were still missing. In Bayug Island there were only 100 out of 341 families that was been accounted for thus far. The remaining 214 families could number to at least 1,100 individuals.

In Bukidnon at least 15 people died in the tragedy and dozens were still missing. Rivers rose here and submerged 32 villages.

The Philippines is again pummeled by a strong typhoon, I just hope the people here will be able to reel back stronger.


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