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UC San Diego Professor Creates Device to Help Illegal Aliens Into US

Updated on February 19, 2015
The Professor
The Professor

Ricardo Dominguez is a professor at UC San Diego. He is teaches new media there and with a $15,000 grant, he and his team created a cell phone tool to help illegal, undocumented, aliens to cross over from Mexico. It is a trans-border immigrant tool that keeps track of where water is and the distance to the alien's final destination.

On the surface, this seems harmless and almost humanitarian. Who should die in the dry remote desert crossings trying to seek a better life illegally? It does promote this activity and helps those attempting to cross illegally by providing valuable information of where water is and its distance. Before this tool, crossings across the desert in remote places were a deterrent. The people crossing are bringing the danger upon themselves. The device also uses GPS in a modified form and in the wrong hands could help Mexican drug cartel infiltration, other low level criminals, or real terrorists entering disguised as Mexican.

The professor is obviously using his position and biases to help his "Latino" comrades, people he does not know and is only connected to by race. His device is encrypted to avoid Border Patrol detection. Hmmm... why is that? The professor's claim of not promoting illegal immigration is not supported with this evidence. The device sells for $30, so the professor is also making money on the deal, maybe that is his REAL motive. The guy is an activist and thinks crossing any national border is a right, whether legal or not.

Well, such logic is BS. Oddly, the devices seem to be only available along the California -Mexico border.

This professor is simply using his position to break the law by creating a device that helps illegal immigrants cross the US border and avoid Border Patrol detection. End of story. He used the American system all his life to get ahead, get educated, get better, and then repudiates the system that allowed for it. He thinks he is cool judging from the smug smile on his face in a photo near the Calexico border in front of a Border Patrol car. The guy is not a humanitarian. His device is only creating more problems.

Many Latino citizens are not taking his side as Ruben Navarrette Jr., of the San Diego Tribune, noted. Just because one Latino does not automatically support activities of other Latino citizens promoting illegal actions. Many Latinos are law abiding and have not turned on the American system that has given them a better life as with UCSD professor. Most Latinos do not support illegal immigration.

What should UCSD do? Suspend him. There is little doubt that perhaps the next stop for him will be facing charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration from the Federal prosecutors.


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