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UK GRIPPED BY POLITICS OF ENVY. Democracy in danger!

Updated on January 10, 2017

REFERENDUM ! Refuge of any weak leader.

January 2017 and the UK languishes between the devil of the far left lead by the Trotsky pair, Corbyn and McDonell, and the deep blue sea of the far right in which the new Prime Minister and her Cabinet are under threat yet again, from members of their own party supported by the loud voices which speak the empty minds of the like of Nigel Farage and his former stormtroopers in the party of UKIP.

"We are where we are" But how did we get here in this unholy mess? Fingers are pointed at the older generation of citizens who largely, it is said, voted to leave the European Union in the Referendum of June 2016.This is in itself strange since it is usually the young who champion change whilst the older people usually support the status quo. Stranger still when history teaches us that the Pensioner class of current times, me amongst them, is generally better off and cared for than practically any previous generation.

Like the poor, the aged are always with us and many will not have realised that one day they wold be aged and relient upon others for their wellbeing. This generation eschews that, feeling more comfortable in blaming the state and obliterating their own refusal to prepare for their later years. We had no World War to fight and too many have become used to being eased through life by officialdom Too many in their earlier days were of the " Paid on Thursday, broke on Wednesday" mentality and have passed that attitude down to their Children and Grandchldren, who have honed it further to a, "Why work when the Government will provide you with benefits" stance. The poet Betjemen once wrote a certain town in UK was not to fit live in. To paraphrase him, you could almost say now,



All that is well and good but at real rock bottom, and sadly to me, the reason for the current chaotic state must be placed at just one door and indeed, just one man. The door, 10 Downing Street London. The man, David Cameron, the man who called the Referendum !

I say "sadly" above because I always championed Cameron as a decent Tory who understood the man in the middle of the road and was capeable of dealing with extremists comfortably. I was only half right. Cameron had no trouble with the rabble rousers of the left and their attempts to raise the politics of envy to secure their own devious ends.

No ! He was up to that but sadly not up to the incestuous gnawing away at the foundations of real democracy by those on the insidious right of his own party who kept largely their heads below water, leaving the garolous Farage to wind up the hostility amongst the little Englanders and their equally shadowy National Front groups.

Cameron was clearly let down by both his own judgement and the advice he must have received from his own confidants and political consulants. No Prime Minister ever calls for a Referendum unless he has strong advice, that he supports, that victory is assured. Certainly, Cameron must have believed so. Indeed, political opportunists such as the often described "Baffoon Boris" [Johnson] campaigned to leave, expecting and hoping not to win !

Cameron saw the opportunity to increase the grasp not only he had on power but also within his own party to enable him to suppress those hard right wing Tories who bitterly opposed any policies designed to favour the maajority at the expense of their own establishment ideals.

Sadly he was mislead or misjudged, or maybe both ,but the fact remains, Referendum is the last refuge of a determined leader. As with most things that sound too good to be true, this certainly is. "One man{or woman} one vote " sounds very attractive to fair thinkers until you examine what is to be voted on and what level of understanding the voters have on the matter they are asked to decide upon.

Cameron and his people grieviously miscalculated, lost the vote narrowly, left a decent proportion of the 17 million who voted to leave feeling bemused and unsure as to what was to happen next and 16 million citizens without, apparently ,any voice at all

. The discerning reader will realise that the total vote was nowhere near the number eligible to vote as ever, in Elections as well but that does not now stop Politicians spouting out to justify everything "The British People have voted to leave the European Union". Actually, Scotland, a country within Great Britain, voted solidly to stay in, but that is forgotten in the rhetorical hectoring of any who were opposed to leaving.

The facts show he British people were apallingly mislead by BOTH sides during the campaign prior to voting. Both showed, spouted and championed, and backed, clear lies both for and against the matter. In this they demonstrated the same weakness that Cameron had shown in calling the referendum.

Clearly, for him it was the last reuge of a bedevilled Prime Minister but the end arrived at was not that he envisaged and, to his eternal credit, he faced the world as soon as practical afterwards, to step down from his post. The Captain had driven the ship too close to the rocks for him to believe he could regain control. A new Captain would have to shoulder that responsibility, whilst with weakness evident to all who had eyes to see, he slipped away sadly to pastures both quieter and maybe more rewarding.

Comparisons with 1940 come to mind. Then it was "Commeth the Hour, Commeth the Hour Commeth the Man" as CHURCHILL emerged to confound his past and become a great Commander in Chief. In 2017, we need not a warrior chief but a Captain to steer us away from thr rocks and into clearer waters. Personally, much as I would like to, I cannot place Theresa May on the bridge of our endangered ship as long as down below in the Engine Room, dirty work is taking place to further unstabilise the good ship UK.

{to be continued}.


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