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Updated on October 3, 2016

I recently received a letter from UK Parking Control requesting me to pay £90 for not parking correctly within the markings of a bay area. It was around four weeks ago that they took a picture of my car. I wasn't driving my car this day and the letter came as some what as a surprise. I spoke to the person who had been driving my car and they explained that all of the cars were parked outside of the white lines of the bay which resulted in themselves parking outside of the white lines. They also told me that the traffic warden had seen them park and had not said anything to them, it wasn't until they got back from shopping that the other cars that had been parked next to my car had moved, that the traffic warden had then taken a photograph of my car as you see it on the right hand side. At the time of parking, there was a large white van parked on the drivers side and a motor bike parked on the passenger side.

At first I thought the situation was somewhat petty. I had visited the car park before "Catford Island Retail Park, Plassy Road, Catford, SE6 2DD" and the car park was free to park for up to 2 hours. I didn't understand how I was being charged £90, after all, the car park is free so it's not like my car parked in two bays was costing the land owners money. I was also told by the driver of the car that a motorbike had been parked in the end bay so it wasn't as if any bays had been unavailable. Not only this but knowing the car park pretty well as I drive past it everyday, not once has it been full. There are always more than enough spaces so why was I being charged £90.

I decided to check UKPC out online and was shocked by the information that I found. The initial ticket that had been placed on my windscreen, - The one that my friend who had been driving my car decided to bin before explaining to me how UKPC are nothing but the mafia who should be ignored - was not in fact a ticket or fine, but an invoice. An invoice from a private land owner and nothing more. I found that even though the letter looked like a legal document, the fact was, it was nothing more than an invoice "requesting" money from me. It turned out that anyone, even my next door neighbour could send me this exact invoice.

I was shocked to find out just how many other people had received invoices from UKPC for parking between bays. - The same situation had happened to all of them, they had parked between two cars that were slightly out, resulting in themselves being parked over a white line. The other cars eventually moving and leaving their car looking like they had parked blatantly over two bays when they had in fact parked in line with the other cars - The thought that I would have to pay £90 to these gangsters made me mad, what made me even madder is that the government let these gangsters circulate like this, as do some of the major supermarkets.

The letter I received in the post stated :

Dear ****** *******

Re: Parking Charge - Notice to keeper

Your vehicle was recorded on our clients private property in breach of the following terms and conditions.

"Not parked withing the markings of the bay area or space."

The driver of the above vehicle breached the terms and conditions of parking which clearly and prominently displayed on our car park signs. These terms and conditions were agreed by the driver when your vehicle was parked on our client's private land. We therefore had reasonable cause to obtain your details as you were the Registered Keeper of the vehicle at the time of parking.

UK Parking Control Ltd do not know the name and the address of the driver. We therefore invite you, the Registered Keeper, to pay the Parking Charge or provide us with the name and current address of the driver so that we may write to them and request payment, and you should also pass this notice to the driver.

If, after a period of 28 days, the amount requested in this Notice has not been paid in full (or we have not been informed of the driver's name and current address) you, the Registered Keeper , will, subject to the conditions of, and under the terms of, Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, be liable to pay the unpaid Parking Charge.

Payment is required to be made by the driver within 28 days from the date of this notice.

As you see in the letter, it is the driver of the vehicle that is responsible and I found that by law I do not have to enclose who the driver is, however, UKPC state that if I do not give them this information then I am liable. The letter also states that the driver agreed to the terms and conditions, this is UKPC's biggest lie and would be very hard for them to prove in court. The driver had not agreed and had not even seen the sign, even if UKPC put a sign on every car, wall and forehead in the car park it would still not stand up in court that the driver agreed to this contract. The letter states that they had reasonable cause to obtain the details of the car owner? I would love to know who - I'm assuming it's the DVLA - gives anyone the right to hand over my private information to the UKPC, their employees are not vetted and could be criminals for all I know. I will be contacting the DVLA and asking them if they have given my name and address to these villains. The letter also "invites" me to either pay the ticket or enclose the name and address of the driver of the vehicle. Notice how they use the word "Invite" as in invitation. An invitation can be refused but if I refuse then I will suffer the consequences?

Now please don't get me wrong, I have not clocked up many tickets in my lifetime but the ones I have occurred I have always paid. I had one from London Transport for stopping in a bus lane for a few seconds to drop my mother off, I paid the ticket and accepted that I was at fault. The council or police and official companies like London Transport can fine you penalties but UKPC is not one of these companies, they are a private mafia that prey on people for profit. Whilst the council and police use the money that they charge people to better the streets and roads, UKPC pocket all of the money themselves and whilst the council and police are fining people for running red lights and stopping in bus lanes to make the roads a safer place for all, UKPC are bullying people for money over silly things like being over a white line that causes no ill health to anyone.

I read about one person online who refused to pay the £45 ticket that was left on his car, he later received a letter asking him for £90 and that if he didn't pay this they would be passing it on to debt collectors. After another 2 weeks had passed he received another letter giving him the chance to pay the original £45 again, a special discount if he was to pay within 7 days. He refused and received another letter asking for £90 again. After refusing to pay the £90 a second time he received another letter from a debt collector asking him to pay £150. Again (bare with me) he refused to pay and then received another letter from the debt collectors offering him a discount, he could pay just £80 if he coughs up within 7 days. It seems as if UKPC know full well that they have no legal right to enforce their penalties and I for one will not be paying my "request" or "invitation" to pay them my hard earned cash.

Would you pay these Gansters?

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The Debt Collectors

The debt collectors or solicitor that UKPC employ to chase you for the money I am told, are not even an outside agency, they are in fact UKPC. If you check the addresses online you will find that the letter that is sent from the debt collector stating that they have been asked by UKPC to collect any money owed, is from the same addresses that UKPC reside at. I have been told not to worry about any future letters from solicitors or debt collectors, they are UKPC in disguise just trying to intimidate people. UKPC's policy is that if you don't pay them the money that they want, then a debt collector will arrive at your door and collect the money. Of course, if a debt collector knocked on my door I would remind them that no court had ordered me to pay them any money and that if they wanted me to pay them then they would have to start court proceedings against me, which I have found is very rare when it comes to UKPC. If a debt collector tried to force his way into my home, well, they would be breaking the law and anyone forcing their way into my home will see the end of my baseball bat.

It turns out that UKPC, their Debt collectors and Solicitors can not legally force you to pay any money. As a private company they have to take you to court just like your neighbour would. They have no authority and can not even effect your credit rating. They have no real jurisdiction and rarely take anyone to court, as for the people they do, UKPC is often laughed out of the court as again they have no power, none what so ever. In court they would have to prove that 1. you were the driver and by law you do not have to tell them who the driver was. 2. Prove that the driver agreed with the terms and conditions. 3. Prove that your parking cost them money, or caused a nuisance to other drivers.

From all of my research online, I have found that the best way to deal with UKPC is to ignore them. Don't enter into conversation with them, don't even appeal, simply ignore them. They will never come after you and after a few months the letters will stop coming through your letter box. They are nothing more than bullies and bullies should always be ignored.


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