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UK REELS AFTER BREXIT REFERENDUM ! Danger looms of Political Void as Country lies divided.

Updated on January 11, 2017

What is the plan now for UK.?

In my first Hub on the subject of the political and potential economic chaos that now besets the UK, I dealt with the calling of the Referendum in June 2016, by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The badly advised and optimistic,Cameron, clearly thought that he would win that vote and continue to lead UK in the European Union as before. As stated in my last Hub, he was badly advised, as the country, as so happens with Refereda, split almost equally into two parts but with the decisive1 million votes determining that UK was to leave the Union. It cost Cameron both job and career but the costs to the UK people have yet to be envisaged.


Cameron hoped the Referendum would bring him a victory over the vicious, sniping right wing of his own party and plunge the already tottering left of the Labour Party into the abys they and their incompetent leader, Jeremy Corbyn, most certainly were aleady heading for. Brave hopes but soon dashed, leaving politics in UK facing the most difficult thing imaginable, a political void.

The ruling Conservative party moved swiftly to replace Cameron with the angular Mrs Theresa May, many no doubt hoping she might demonstate some of the qualities exhibited by their first female leader, the late Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher, right or wrong, demonstrated the strong leadership needed not only then, but also now, if chaos and political anarchy were not to prevail.

To date, Mrs May, though clearly competent, has yet to display those required qualities in the early days of her administration. Her grasp on the Brexit situation in the round seems woolly at best and also at best unsure of anything beyond triggering Article 50 to set the wheels in motion for the UK exit. One feels it will not be long before the far right of her party begin to snipe at her as they did to Cameron before. She must become quickly aware of the fact that in the Houses of Parliament, that whilst the opposition sits on benches facing you, your real enemies are seated behind you ! Politics is after all,a dirty game.

To demonstrate however, where she, her party , and indeed the Labour party and others seem to be on the matter, let me describe things in a way that everyone can readily refer to. This is how the situation unfolds for our political leaders as put to me recently :

"Mum and Dad decide t sell the family home! The policy is carried out, and the day comes, as with furniture taken away by the Removals vehicle, Mum, Dad and the children depart the house for the final time, bags packed and ready to go forward. Then the unspoken problem emerges.

"Mum, Dad," ask the kids, "where are we going to now then?" Mum looks at Dad, Dad looks at Mum ! "Oh dear", they chorus, " We never thought about that ".

Cameron, Conservatives, Labour, Other Parties, voters for Brexit, Ucle Tom Cobley and all ! Not one had a plan, nor yet has. Clearly Cameron and Co. had no plan because they were confident they would win the vote. Their own untrustworthy party members and colleagues such as Johnson, Gove, and others like them who campaigned for Brexit, had no plan because they never thought they could win so they di not need one.

Farage, that dreadful strident voice of UKIP, was the sole Brexitier who thought victory would come his way, and he had but one untold plan!, His aim was to produce chaos, misrule, riots in the streets to provide him with the opportunity to thus present himself as the Saviour of the nation emerging as the sole credible leader with his now ever growing band of "out of the closet", dinasour like, far right wingers, taking power and declaring triumphantly "We are the Masters Now" Echoes of a distant, dismal past but that is what happens when a nation sleepwalks into political dreamland.

So as we speak, the answer to the question "What is the plan?" is very clear to those who wish to see ! " PLAN? THERE IS NO PLAN !

The simplistic Farage plan for self advancement has now been considered by others wearing differing colours of political persuasion. Danger looms ever larger for those of us who value "Middle Britain" Sad to say there is every chance that like the man standing in the middle of the road, we shall be crushed by the runaway roller !

In the next Hub on this topic, we shall analyse the sad state of UK political life, the role of the "underclass" , and life beyond the immediate. Be warned reader. It will not be a barrel of laughs !


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