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UK Voters Split on Trump State Visit.

Updated on May 2, 2019

US President: Donald Trump.

Trump with North Korea's Kim.
Trump with North Korea's Kim. | Source

Opposition Leader: Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn:  Boycotting Trump's state dinner by staying away.
Corbyn: Boycotting Trump's state dinner by staying away. | Source

Trump: A man you love or hate.

Donald J Trump, current President of the United States, will come to the UK with a state visit from 3 - 5 June. It would appear according to a 'YouGov' poll, the great British public is divided on his visit, as are British politicians.

From when he was elected to now, Trump has been a controversial occupant of the White House. The man is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him, no in-betweens.

The businessman and ex-reality TV star (Headed US version of 'The Apprentice') has courted controversy over his alleged comments and attitudes to Muslims, Mexicans, women, immigration etc. However, it would appear that the American economy is doing well since Trump has taken office and many have found jobs.

Trump has yet to build his wall to keep immigrants out and his view on climate change (he doesn't believe in it) hasn't changed. In choosing fossil fuels like coal, instead of renewable energy, this has won him supporters as well as haters.

Since coming to power, Trump has surrounded himself with Zionist and right-leaning Christians. Under him, the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine is in all but name, dead. Moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, was indeed a very controversial move, upsetting some Jews, many Palestinians and the wider world alike. Trump is best buds with Israel's right-leaning Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite the Mueller Report on Russian collusion in the election of Trump in 2016, exonerating him, Trump, may still face possible, impeachment or have to answer questions on alleged, wrongdoing since, becoming President.

When Theresa May visited Donald Trump at the White House, she carried with her an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II, inviting the US leader, to a state visit. This state visit is now being fulfilled, as the US President, will be visiting our shores next month (as already mentioned).

During the state visit, Mr Trump will visit Portsmouth, remembering the 75th anniversary of the 'D-Day Landings'. Whether the President, will address the British Parliament, is in doubt, right now.

Trump came to the UK before, but that was a flying visit and not an official state visit. This time, Trump will be afforded all the pomp and circumstance, that any head of state visiting (on a state visit) the UK, expects. No doubt, he will ride in the gold carriage, alongside the Queen, as many heads of state do, on official state visits, to the UK.

There will also be an official state dinner, held in his honour, with the Prime Minister and the Queen, all attending along with other 'VIP's'. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, Leader of her Majesty's official opposition and potential Prime Minister, will not be attending, the dinner. Neither will Lib-Dem leader, Vince Cable.

They are boycotting the dinner, as they see it, because of Trump's alleged views outlined in this article. However, some see this as hypocritical, for example, when the Chinese President, Xi, visited on a state visit, no one at least officially said a word. Also, King Salman, of Saudi Arabia, came here and again not an official whimper, from anyone. Both these men, like Trump, are controversial figures, so why was there no boycotting of their visits?

Back to the 'YouGov' Poll, 51% of Conservative voters welcomed Trump coming here, while 13% of Labour voters did not, while 14% of Lib-Dem voters did not, also.

Again, according to 'YouGov', 46% of leavers wanted to see him here, while, remainers were on 15%, not wanting him here, at all.

Three Trump Supporters and One Hater.

Friend of Trump:  Boris Johnson
Friend of Trump: Boris Johnson | Source
Friend of Trump:  Jacob-Rees-Mogg.
Friend of Trump: Jacob-Rees-Mogg. | Source
Friend of Trump:  Nigel Farage.
Friend of Trump: Nigel Farage. | Source
No friend of Trump:  Sadiq Khan.
No friend of Trump: Sadiq Khan. | Source

Not surprising, that Trump has his supporters, in the UK, as well as his haters. Boris Johnson, an arch-Brexiteer, makes no secret of his admiration for Trump. Mr Trump, makes no secret of his liking for BoJo, either.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, right-wing Tory and arch-Brexiteer, will no doubt, find a friend in Trump.

As for Nigel Farage, it goes without saying, that Farage and Trump, are 'BFF's', (Best Friends Forever). All of the above, share with Trump, a very right-wing view of the world and the importance, of their nation.

Now we come to one Trump hater, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Khan and Trump have been at war, on social media, mainly on Twitter, trading insults and jibes,, from the get-go.

No doubt, Trump will meet Messers, Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Farage, during his visit here. Whether he will meet Khan, is another matter, in his capacity as Mayor of our capital, one would have thought, Khan would have met Trump. However, he may boycott any such meeting, for the same reasons, as Corbyn and Cable have given.

Whilst here, no doubt there will be mass public demonstrations against Trump. There will also probably be, counter-protests in support of Trump. We do indeed, as the Chinese curse says, live in interesting times.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      2 years ago


      I would imagine the split would probably be the same as the split on staying in the EU or leaving the EU.

      As for your comment.

      "Trump has yet to build his wall to keep immigrants out :"


      The entire democrat party and some Rinos oppose it, and they even shut down the US government to stop even giving him $5 Billion for the wall. And that was on a $4.4 Trillion budget. And you are going to blame him?

      And thanks to the EU, Britain is losing its heritage. As foreigners keep coming in they want Britain to be their surrogate country. Just like in the US with illegal immigrants.


      and his view on climate change (he doesn't believe in it) hasn't changed. In choosing fossil fuels like coal, instead of renewable energy, this has won him supporters as well as haters."


      What he doesn't believe in is the Paris Accord which will be a $Trillion drain on the US without any real gain for the world climate control. And yes, not only is there reasonable doubt as to the effects of climate control, there is even a bigger doubt that the Paris Accord will have any impact on it. It is based on conservation, and with a world population heading towards 8 Billion people, conservation doesn't work.

      In the US, CA the bluest of states and a peek into a democrat run US government, they couldn't even build an 800 miles high speed train. It started with a $10 Billion federal award from former president Obama. Obama and the former governor of CA claimed that this will happen, and after several years, and project increases and time extensions more than tripled the original estimate of $30 Billion and a partial run date of 2020.

      The new Democrat governor of CA Gary Newsom canceled the project which doesn't have any tracks, and it started and ended in the middle of California. It was supposed to go from San Diego to San Francisco. It couldn't even get from Modesto to Fresno.

      This is my concern when the climate control supporters have these grandiose plans of a decade to get it under control. And yet, a decade didn't even get tracks for an American high speed rail.

      Tell me what has been accomplished in preparing for the effects of this out of control climate. Would lower Manhattan, NYC which was flooded by Super Storm Sandy in 2012 not flood again if another super storm appeared tomorrow?

      When people in the climate control say we will cut back on fossil fuel and go to alternative energy, it is if they can predict these super storms. If they believe in their predictions they have no time at all to prepare, yet today after 8 years from the Paris Accord signing where can we see the protection against the out of control climate?

      There is a bigger threat from a Tsunami than any hurricane, yet they don't even have any thoughts on protecting the seasides around the world.

      Look at all the trouble between two countries just to do the chunnel. And now you are going to rely on 158 countries around the world. They would require the end of war!


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