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Changes We Can Actually Benefit From in the UK

Updated on October 27, 2019

What We Need to Change in the Uk

It's clear. The UK is struggling. Not only has Brexit been one of the most frustrating things on our minds, it has been been one of the least important. The Amazon is burning. The Earth is dying. Not only do students nowadays have to cope with unrealistic financial responsibilities, they have to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

This article is about a students point of view from the UK, and my ideas on how to improve peoples lifestyle.

Just under 52% of voters opted for Brexit. As you can see just barely half of the people actually wanted to leave Europe in the first place, and only the people elegible to vote were citizens, doesn't matter if you lived in Britain your whole life, citizenship determines your rights.


David Cameron had made a promise when under pressure from Eurosceptic backbenchers. Most political commentators agree that given a free hand, he would not have wanted to hold a referendum. Tusk explains this is a BBC documentary, with the following statement, "David Cameron became the real victim of his own victory.” Tusk had said, "‘Why did you decide on this referendum, this – it’s so dangerous, so even stupid, you know,’ and, he told me – and I was really amazed and even shocked – that the only reason was his own party.”

A lot of the people who voted were older adults who preferred it when Britain was less diverse. This is because there's still the few people who believe immigrants shouldn't be accepted as a British residents even if they're born here or have lived here for more than 5 years. The people who opted for Brexit believed that it would benefit them in economic growth, less crime rate(presumably due to the thought of having less immigrants in the country), trades and many other things that were told. Only after the chaos that occurred once Brexit had a leaving date, did people begin to realise that independence wasn't as easy as they thought, and that it would only result in more disadvantages rather than advantages.

We're all still suffering from the headache Brexit is giving us and it's not getting any better. Deal or not deal, leaving Europe is not going to help us right now, especially when there are much more important matters to be talking about.

Do people not know global warming is happening? And that every day that goes by, its gonna make it a day harder to go back. It's not completely irreversible yet, so please, act against things that are relevant and are not just for your own comfort.


The Things Students shouldn't be Worrying About

Reform tuition fees. They should be lowered to £3,000 a year at most in order to give students a chance to be able to repay it in future. £3,000 a year was the maximum price that could be charged in 2004 due to the Higher Education Act. In 2010, following the Browne Review, fees were controversially raised to £9,000 a year.

Income repayment rate is frozen while tuition fee rate is increasing. This is the same with salary and tax. Both should rise or potentially fall at the same rate so we can afford things realistically.

Tuition fees are increasing so ridiculously high that money is what determines our future rather than being based on skill and knowledge. The government has no reason to be making so much money off of students debts.

Increase of Tuition Fees


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Cracking down on Energy Sources

Invest in renewable and nuclear energy and stop illegal levels of air pollution. I know that nuclear energy has fuel rods that contain radioactive material but that's not affecting the Earth. Nuclear energy doesn't release carbon dioxide and is not considered to contribute to greenhouse gases.

Biomass, on the other hand, does. It may be renewable unlike nuclear energy but it contributes quite a large amount to global warming. For energy resourses we should be focusing more on renewable ones such as wind, wave, and solar. Of course these sources have unpredictable currents of energy but it doesn't harm the Earth, and the more we put out there, the better.

Coal should be eliminated completely as a source of energy. Letting public transport run on eco-friendly and renewable energy sources could reduce a lot of the pollution in the air since it's so frequently used, especially in London.

© 2019 Christina Gonzalez


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